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To push or no?

A colleague of mine has been struggling with weight loss on and off for a number of years. She will get incredibly motivated at one point, and go to the gym faithfully for days on end, and then something might happen to get in the way?at which point it becomes, ?I?ll start it all again next week? even if she is free at the moment she says this (to make a quick gym trip). I am never sure how to respond in this case. Clearly, she does want to work out?and in my mind, the ?start afresh and anew on Monday? excuse never makes sense to me if it?s today (Thursday) and you DO actually have the time to get started with exercise now. There?s no need to wait, right? If you?re planning on doing it, you just have to go for it and get started?waiting only takes away X number of days from your workout regimen, and time?s a-wastin?! Anyhow, I wasn?t sure what to say to her in this situation?or how much I should push because there?s also my role as her supervisor playing into it. I didn?t want to be forceful as her boss, but I know that if we did not have this type of work relationship, I likely would have pushed her and said, ?Just do it now!?. So?did I do the right thing here? -June



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