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One of my favorite things to do is to push out my edges a little - and I feel i do that every time I get on my bike in Cambodia - I wouldn't say that I am easily bored....I don't mind repetition at all, but there is something to be said for going a little further and seeing new landscape. I grew up in Encinitas California (San Diego County) and mostly rode the coast in my younger years, before I became a global nomad. Last summer when I was home visiting my father I found a pack of people (headed by a Spinning instructor, no less) who rode from Encinitas, up through the Marine Base, Camp Pendleton and beyond. We rode to San Louis Capistrano and it was gorgeous. It was really fun to be out of familiarity for the scenery, but I wouldn't have ridden that far if I didn't have a way back we got there, had a burrito and climbed aboard a train back to Oceanside, where I could then ride the last 17 miles back to my shower and bed. We're typically tied into loops that originate from our garage, but you might consider a one way trip with a little help home. When I got on the train, we had to scramble to different cars that could accommodate our bikes ( you might look into it ahead of time if it is your first time) and I got separated from the group. I found a seat next to a couple going to the Del Mar races for the day - they didn't seem to mind my melted sunscreen which doubled as dirt glue or the smell of my distance effort. They even offered me a very cold (and very welcomed) beer. Don't go all nutrition on me....It was, probably the best beer I have ever had....though I temporarily forgot that I still had to ride the 17 miles home. I did without incident - yah, I don't really recommend alcohol while biking - there may even be laws... but the whole experience was so great I thought I would recommend your stretching your boundaries a little and finding transport home (or vice versa - take a train or a bus out to your intended distance and ride home from there. It spices things up a little to be in unfamiliar territory.



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