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Trust the Process

The Mat, Where Pilates began, where most clients begin, and where the journey usually starts for those seeking a deep understanding of Pilates as an instructor.   Making the decision to become a certified Pilate’s instructor is a good one.  Few exercise or fitness methods have seen such rapid growth over the past decade – and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

My six students and I spent sixteen long hours together
diving into the uncharted waters of the un-known riding in the vessel of a formula that will keep afloat any aspiring Pilates student.   Hours of material that overwhelmed some and fed a hunger in others.  At the end of the first day exhaustion and blank stares came at me signally “wrap it up”. Off my six went heads spinning, with written exam in hand needing to examine the day, filter all the information given and somehow prepare for the rest of their exam the next day.

Day 2 begins with anxiety energy of assessment in the room and worried eyes looking upon me as I tell them to “Trust the Process”.  I will always treasure this very familiar moment as a teacher trainer because I know that I have brought them to the brink, they stand at the cliff in which to jump not knowing if they are going to land flat on their face or sprout wings to fly.  I have heard from some of my students that in this moment, they feel like they are way out of their element and not sure why
they thought they could do this.  

Then the teaching drills come in.  My favorite the “Circle” drill teaching with flow.  Everything poured into their heads the day before is categorized in a simplistic way in how to bring the exercise to life with few words.  We did this drill twice and at the end of round two eyes were lightning up, understanding was setting in and I even saw a smile or two. 

Then the “Dynamic Rhythms” drill where everyone was humming and singing bringing on more relaxed faces and calming of shaking hands.  At the end of the day and through the process of the 5-Part Formula transformation was seen.  They were all teaching and they all knew with time, practice and observation they would accomplish their goal in becoming a basic mat instructor.

I was very excited to have had the opportunity to instruct a Basic Mat course at Empower Fusion event in Chicago.  I am also very proud of my six-Julia, Jen, Miranda, Cheryl, Skye and Kelsey.  It was a pleasure and I wish you all the best in your Pilates journey.





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