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         I am on vacation – staying in a small cottage that I have rented three years in a row – on the coast of Maine.  The major attraction of this cottage is the large front deck that cantilevers out over a rocky wall that drops to the water.  I can sit on this deck and watch lobster (lobstah?!) boats putt-putt out towards the ocean in the early a.m. and return in the late afternoon or evening depending on their success, I suppose.  These working boats are superimposed on a scene dotted with recreational craft from kayaks to sailboats.

         Over several summers I have found back roads to enjoy or routes that help me accomplish specific training purposes on my road bike – endurance, strength or interval training.  Recovery rides are easy – a meander through new and scenic territory.  This year I even found a local century ride which means my first week in Maine will be a taper week and my second will be recovery – no pressure.

         But here’s where my vacation thoughts have gone.  First, it is because of Spinning® training that I/we have the skills and capabilities that are transferable to a road bike or other bike of choice.  We have the blueprints for training so that we have a choice to efficiently continue with our conditioning while away from home or to choose to take a break scaling back the intensity but still moving effectively. 

Secondly, should we wish to do so, all we need is to find an official Spinning® facility at or near our travel destination, and we can join in a class with the assurance that we will be familiar with what is being taught and practiced.  We will recognize the technique, the Energy Zones and the use of profiles and playlists.  We will be welcomed into the Spinning® community of that particular facility.

         (Or, so we hope.  Take a moment to reflect on the need to maintain the Spinning® standards at our own facility and be alert to any gaps in those standards evidenced in another program.  Often the lapses are unintentional, but it’s always nice to know that efforts to maintain standards are valued.)

         We use our Spinning® classes for more than burning calories.  Through patient persistence we sculpt good form and technique so that we default to correctness when distracted or enjoying new environments – a different studio or country road.  Once again I am struck by the universality of Spinning® training that lays a foundation, builds strength, stamina and confidence and creates possibilities.

         The mental side of the equation, equally significant, allows us to depart from daily schedules and dedicated training.  With the realization that regeneration and renewal are necessary as well as pleasurable, we can step away from our structure, play spontaneously, and not miss a beat in our fitness or performance journey.

         Spinning® training gives us the tools to achieve our own individual levels of conditioning and health.  But, there’s more.  With these tools, we have the opportunity to live life to its fullest.  





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