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Variations of Spinning? Good or bad?

Vacation!  What a time of indulgence for most—time to relax and not think about work (hopefully) and a time to just find ourselves and renew our energies.  However, this doesn’t for me taking off time from visiting the gym.  I am currently in Vancouver BC and enjoying my time in this wonderful city of friendly people, great shopping and amazing food. Since I live in rural New Hampshire, having moved from a foodie city (Philadelphia) I really did miss having ethnic food at my fingertips.

Vancouver definitely offers this.  But, never forget the need to work out especially given the foods I’m indulging in—and thus I’ve joined 2 gyms in order to gain access to facilities where I can practice and work on my fitness.

When I glanced at the group ex workout schedules, I noticed two “Spinning” type classes.  Cycle Core and Vicious Cycle.  Yikes on that second one—I wish I had time to attend that second class just to see what it is all about. Would it be an instructor going “drill sergeant” at me, or is it just a tough workout?  And, cycle core…is there a focus on the core during the class, or do we hop onto mats after the class?

Anyhow, it got me thinking about varieties of Spinning class that you might have seen through your travels and careers—anything to share on that worked really well or was just a total disaster?




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