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Variety and Balance

A much as you like to ride too much of one activity can lead to burn out, boredom or injury. Incorporating a variety of activities into your training plan helps create a more balanced training plan.  So add some variety to your training plan with other activities that complement your riding and provide variety and balance. 

Resistance training should be incorporated to strengthen the legs and core.  A stronger core is important for cyclists who can spend extended periods of time in a flexed position.   Increased strength translates to the ability to apply more force or to apply the same force faster.  Since power is defined as force multiplied by speed, more power comes about by pedalling faster with the same force, having the ability to deliver more force, or a combination of the two.  Even a recreational cyclist is happy to reach their destination with less perceived effort.

Flexibility training helps keep the muscles in balance.  Flexibility of the hamstrings, quads and hips help keep the pelvis in neutral alignment and help the limbs more through the pedal stroke with proper biomechanics.  The chance of injury due to repetitive stress is reduced or eliminated when the joints of the body are free to move correctly.

Spinning® has a number of continuing education workshops focused on strength and flexibility that complement the Spinning® Program.  Yoga, Pilates and traditional strength training all complement and enhance a cyclist training.

Check out the following workshop:

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