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Water is King!

Many students ask me what else they can drink during the day to help optimize their performance in Spin(R) class and for optimal health.  Many don't want to hear the truth-just plain ole' water, I respond!

But what about diet soda, they ask?  Well, diet soda is straight chemicals and has the demon-aspartame which is known to aid in the degeneration of neurological health.  These chemicals, such as phosphoric acid, food colorings, and other "stuff" also eats away at the calcium and vitamin D in our bodies which steals away from bone.  These sweetened drinks also cause cravings for sugar and can even damage your teeth.  So what is good about soda?  Yeah, you said it-nothing!

Well, what about coffee, they ask?  Coffee is ok in the AM for most people who need to stimulate the brain (falsely cause your brain can be stimulated through proper nutrition).  But after 3pm (just an arbitrary time), all caffeinated beverages should be avoided.  Why?  Sleep is just as royal as water is!  We need good sleep for optimal living.  Caffeine can disrupt your normal circadian cycle if consumed at night. 

What about juice, they ask?  What about voiding off the risk of diabetes?  Juice is loaded with sugar!  Loaded, so you will potentially develop the precursors for diabetes in time if you are a juice lover and don't train hard core to burn that sugar off.  Orange juice and apple juice has approximately 30 grams of sugar per 8 oz glass.  I was at Panera bread and they have a "low fat" strawberry smoothie made with Greek Yogurt.  Greek yogurt is fabulous for you...Sounds great for breakfast right?  Well, that is if and only if you plan on going to Spinning® class.  Otherwise, you are dumping 33 grams of straight sugar into your blood stream witht his particular shake cause when you read the details, there are 3 servings of fruit.  Is that bad for you, you may be asking?  Well, that is equivelent to approximately 8 teaspoons of sugar poured into that shake.  Now whatcha think?

So, plain ole' water!  Water should be the fluid of choice.  These other things are just not needed by the body. Feed your body with what you need vs. what you want or are used to having.  It's time to break your chains so that you can live an optimal life-for real!

Jenn Zerling, MS, CPT

Author of Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools





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