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It’s been a long time since we’ve visited, but here we go again! I have heard from many of you who have missed regularly checking in with our posts. Thanks to the huge efforts of the administrative staff at Mad Dogg Athletics, we’re now up and running.

Or, should I say we’re up and riding? June is a month of hopes and dreams. Filled with weddings, graduations, birthdays and summer promises, it is a month to celebrate. It is also a time of change. Parents adjust to new duties and expanded activities with their children, employees adjust to changing workloads affected by vacation times, and all of us adjust to longer days and warmer weather. Many fitness enthusiasts segue from the gym to the outdoors while their athlete counterparts are already deeply enmeshed in their competitive seasons.

Now is the time for us to realize the strength and endurance gains we have made during months of Spinning® classes. By training regularly, we have developed the capacity for longer hours of fun and recreation as well as the ability to perform at a higher level. Our Spinning® training prepares us for more than cycling-specific activities. We are able to hike, climb, swim, paddle, walk, run, and, most importantly, to play with strength, coordination and happy abandon. We are able to define a challenge and follow through step by step to meet that challenge. We are able to recognize our intensity and manage our response to it. We are able to endure – to keep on keeping on – until the finish. We know how to dig deep to find reserves to carry us beyond fatigue. We know how to measure our heart rate and use that information to insure that our efforts are both efficient and effective. And, we know how to recover before we go after a new goal.

Though we love to take advantage of the sunny outdoors, there is a continuing need for our Spinning® classes. Obviously, when the weather is inclement, we can head indoors and not miss a beat. But our time spent in a Spinning® class is a way to continue specific training when our outdoor activities might be inconsistent or lack focus or direction. For example, if you are in need of a good session in the Endurance Energy Zone and live in a place like I do, Vermont, with more hills than flats for cycling, running or hiking, being able to spend an hour on a Spinner® solves the problem of how to sustain a moderate effort. If, on the other hand, I’ve been on a casual ride with friends and I want to train some Intervals, well, back to the Spinner® to structure the ideal terrain.

Fitness is comprised of many factors: muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, appropriate nutrition and recovery. June is the perfect time to consider and enjoy other aspects of fitness too – recreation, diversity, friends and family. Have you already marked specific goals on your calendar? You may want to participate in a fund-raising event or enjoy a special vacation. Don’t wait until the last minute to organize your preparation. The best way to adhere to a training plan is to have someone with whom to train. Sharing the time and motivation reaps rewards in goals met. While it is valuable to spend some time alone with single-minded focus, it is invaluable to be a part of a group effort.

May you set your sights high. May you give yourself the gift of dreams and aspirations. May you find balance in the quiet moments. May you enjoy this glorious month as you celebrate your health, well-being and those you love and who love you. Welcome back to our Spinning® blog! Let us hear from you.




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