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What does being organized mean?

Jeff posted recently about what makes a good instructor, and one word he said was not mentioned was ?organized?. This made me stop and think. Am I organized? Or, do I give off the illusion of being organized, when I teach? I am not sure. If one has a playlist for their class and plays songs in their entirety, it can look organized. If, though, an instructor doesn?t always play each song to the end and then fast forwards to the next song before one ends, that could be seen as unorganized, correct? Whenever I do this, it?s always at the back of my mind that I didn?t time things well enough, and that I might be seen as being ?all over the place?. When I teach a class, regardless of how I feel beforehand or how frazzled I might be when I start, once I do start I am able to get into the zone quickly, almost 100% of the time. Should it be 100% of the time, though, or am I allowed to be fallible? I?d like to think the latter, as we are all human, but I am not always sure that clients can make that exception for us?perhaps because we are seen only in the context of group fitness, we aren?t attributed lives outside of the gym, and thus, the view of instructors is only in one specific setting. Thus, if we are only perceived in one setting, then perhaps the assumption is also that we only have that going on in our lives, and thus we should be 100% on our game all the time. Not that easy, right? Very few of us can spend all our moments in the gym, many of us who teach do it in our spare time rather than make a career of it (though I sometimes wish I could!). Anyhow, back to my original point of organization being an important component of good instructing. Are you organized? What does organized mean to YOU? -June



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