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What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger…For Life

There are moments in Spinning classes every now and then where you just feel you just aren’t going to make it through. The hill is too steep, the climb too much of a challenge, or you are tired.  It’s been a long day, a long week, or a long month. You continue on, though, just a little farther. Climbing. Climbing. Climbing. Pedal stroke after pedal stroke, digging deep, pulling inside yourself, and pushing through until you clear the crest, your legs freeing up and pedaling like the wind. Once more you have made it through class and triumphed over your own doubts.


This triumph is one of the many gifts that Spinning classes can give you.


Many of us have an “inner nay-saying” voice that that feeds us negative thoughts. We often feel we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or strong enough. Sometimes it’s our own doing, and sometimes these thoughts have been planted in our heads by others. No matter how they got there, though, small successes on the bike can help us overcome these thoughts. 


As a Spinning instructor of almost ten years I have seen many a timid student walk in with low self esteem and a look of sheer mortification on their faces. They make it through their first class and are surprised at themselves. They come back and work a little harder. And the next time a little harder. Day-by-day and class-after-class they gain mental strength as well as physical strength and I see the transformation begin inside of them.


No matter who they are or what they do in “real life,” in that room—and on those bikes—they morph into athletes…strong and confident. It is sheer magic to watch.


They carry this newfound magic out of the cycling room and into the real world. Little-by-little they take the lessons learned on the bike ("push through, be consistent, don’t give up, connect with yourself, focus on one stroke at a time") and apply them to the rest of their lives. They do things they never imagined they would do. They meet challenges head on instead of shying away. And most of all…they try. And if they fail, they try again. Just like in class.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…on and off the bike.



Helen Ryan





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