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What is in Your Library?

I have always been a person that loves to research a cycling or fitness question and have relied upon multiple sources such as books, peer reviewed research articles, text books, cycling magazines, fitness magazines and of course the internet.  However, I always find it comforting that I have a wealth of information in my own personal library.  I have   Call me old-school, but I love the ability to grab a book, turn the pages and read about the subject I want to learn about.

I often refer to these books as a way to improve my coaching techniques as well as my own personal riding skills.  My library has also provided me with a wealth of ideas for building the training rides I use during my Spinning® classes. 

My two latest reads are Training and Racing with a Power Meter by Hunter Allen and Andrew Cogan and The Power Meter Handbook: A User's Guide for Cyclists and Triathletes by Joe Friel.  Not only have these books helped me grasp the concept of training with a power meter, they have provided me with the how and why power meters are important during training.  I can answer the questions I receive from my class participants with confidence. 

The best part of having such a diverse library is the ability to pull out a book and research a question from a student or one of my training partners.  My library has made me a better coach, rider and training partner.  So, what is in your library?Cycling Books




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