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What is our community like?

When I was on vacation, I joined a gym and blogged about that experience?the camaraderie amongst instructors the moment I mentioned that I was a certified instructor in this mixed martial arts class. I know that here, in cyberspace, Spinning has done a wonderful job with this community in creating a space where we are all able to share our thoughts, and learn from one other. I haven?t, however, really attended Spinning classes when I travel, so I don?t personally know what the Spinning community (amongst instructors) is like in ?real life? rather than in cyberspace. I?m curious if people out here, in their travels, have taken Spinning classes in other spaces and found a similar camaraderie when you mention you teach Spinning as well. It seems like indeed this should be the case, but because Spinning is a bit more free-style (though there are continuing education classes), the situation might be slightly different compared to a program where every three months, every instructor is sent a new release to learn and launch together as a unified world ?team?. I wonder if this type of camaraderie and team feel is endemic to fitness instruction overall, of if you feel certain programs engender more of a team spirit? -June



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