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This month is SUCH a wonderful challenge for me. I'm so comfortable and set in my classes...with basically the same pool of people and new people trickling in, so they get eased in with the herd. Now, though, I'm leading some early morning classes for people in a triathlon training group I'm partnering and I'm going to a new gym in town for a class and in both cases, I'm looking at a whole group of people with no indoor cycling experience at all. I'm loving it - without this return to basics, I fear I'll forget some things.... There is SOOOOOO much to cover, how can I possibly get it in in the first class? Well, obviously I can't. Before I spill my beans...what do you do when you face a new set of inexperienced people? Have you ever done it? Can you give your "elevator pitch" in 30 seconds - "so...what is Spinning®?" Do you coach for safety only in the first class? you talk at all about heart rate monitoring? positions? cadence? hand positions? expectations over the coming 8 weeks with continued participation? Tell me what you do...this has been a HUGE eye opener for me. Gargantuan. It is NOTHING to invite a newbie into an established class....but face a whole class of newbies? GREAT! I don't offer orientation classes (although that's pretty much what my first classes have looked like, without calling them that.... "What is Spinning®?" go on...give me your best hit. never heard of it before...what is it? ...and what do you hit first? physical technique? mental coaching? HR stuff? let me hear back from you on this....c



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