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What's safe for what age?

So obviously, in this time of fast food and increasing type 2 diabetes, it?s incredibly important for adults to teach children healthy eating habits, and the importance of exercise. I have never worked with children or teens when it comes to physical education type activities, and it would be great to hear from any of you who have had such experiences. Certainly as adults, the varied aerobic activities and structured activities?such as Spinning?are safe for us. But here?s my question?are aerobic classes, weight lifting, and Spinning classes actually safe for children/teens? I guess for me, some of my trepidation has to do with children?s developing bodies?which makes me wonder what types of activities that we, as adults, might engage in area also safe for children/teens? Is it safe for children/teens to lift weights? Or, are there modifications that need to be made (and if so, what are they, and why do they require modifications?)? What about Spinning classes? Certainly, if a child/teen is short, they shouldn?t be on the Spinning bike?after all, their bodies won?t fit on the bike and thus injuries would be likely?but if say a ten year old has reached adult-ish height (i.e., ?fittable? on a Spinning bike) is that safe for them? Would love to hear thoughts, anecdotes, evidence, etc. -June



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