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What will you do to encourage newbies?

It?s a new year! And I?m sure the other bloggers have already chimed in on this?what is your resolution for the year? The top one amongst all polls taken is ?get fit?! So, what are WE, as instructors, going to do to help newbies realize their fitness goals? Thinking about writing this post, I reflected back to my first Spinning class and what made it less scary. One, I knew the instructor vaguely?she was a friendly trainer I?d chatted with, and who had worked with me a couple times. Two, she approached me right away when I came in the room, to ask me about my experience with Spinning. Three, she REASSURED me. She told me that Spinning was MY workout, and that I worked where I needed to work, especially as I was just getting started. She set me up properly, and went over the fact that it was ok to take breaks?to work safely, and if I needed a break, to back it down and keep moving, but with little or no resistance on the bike. As I think about all of this, I realize it was the instructor who made the difference in my returning?because honestly, my butt hurt like heck afterwards, as did my legs. Without the human connection, I?m not sure I would have gone back. And if I hadn?t gone back, I would NEVER have become an instructor, nor realized my passion for fitness. Talking with my mom the other day about what makes me happy, I said to her, ?Mom, the only thing in my life that makes me really happy is teaching my gym classes.?. And to this day, I?m thankful for that first experience?made whole by the presence of an instructor who reached out to me. As I approach the new folks who come to our classes armed with resolutions, I am heartened by this memory as it?s made me who I am today, and I can?t wait to be a part of new folks? fitness journey. Bring it! -June



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