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Where is our allegiance?

I am very fortunate in that where I work, I love a majority of the group ex classes we offer given their intensity. And additionally, I am very fond of my fellow instructors, all of whom try to step in and help one another as we need to?a true team if you will. However, in the past at other facilities where I belonged or worked, there have been classes and instructors that I am just not fond of?and I am hard pressed when a student would come up to me and ask me for my opinion about ?so and so?s? class. I was raised to think that if you can?t say anything nice about something, just shut your mouth. But, if I?m directly asked for my opinion about a class where I felt the class content wasn?t up to par, or that it wasn?t safe or intense enough, what is my role as a fellow instructor? Are we, as instructors, expected to tout the virtues and merits of all the classes our facility offers, even if we feel differently? Are we allowed to delicately convey to a student that we ourselves would not choose to take a certain class, or is part of being a team to never share this thought (in other words, to whom do we align our ?loyalty?? The people we teach alongside of, or the students/clients who look to us for guidance?



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