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Why did you select it?

If you have read my blogs before, you know I’m always fascinated by music. I enjoy listening to different instructors as they discuss the music they love for certain movements or terrains. I probably get just as excited hearing about the types of music they absolutely dislike for training sessions even more because of the level of passion instructors seem to have for that subject.

As I’ve always said, no one can tell you that a song is good or bad for what you’re doing in class. The only real bad selections you can make are the ones people may find offensive because of their themes or lyrics. Other than that, participants only have opinions and thoughts. There is no good or bad when it comes to music, only responses. If your students loved a song, it was a great choice. If they didn’t react well, it wasn’t a good selection for that audience.

 I think it is important for an instructor to understand why they make certain song selections for the different stages of their classes. As a student, I should be able to understand the connection you are trying to make between the music I’m hearing and the movement I’m doing. If an instructor likes a piece of music because the rhythm is consistent and I can set my cadence to it, then it has to be communicated. Guide me toward that rhythm with your verbal prompts. If a selection of music was made because the lyrics are inspiring then let me know that, and (more importantly) stop talking so I can make that connection. If I’m supposed to connect the intensity of the movement to the aggression of the music genre, then make sure that’s what I’m focused on. Guide me toward your connection.

Music is such a strong element of every class. As an instructor, I don’t think you should allow it to just exist somewhere in the background of your environment. It has to be brought out as a teaching tool. A method of communication that is powerful, inspiring, and far-less-intrusive than non-stop instructor banter. 




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