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Will This Ever Get Easier?


A frequent question I hear from new students in class is, “Will this ever get easier?”


The answer, I tell them, is both yes and no.


Yes, it will get easier. What you are doing now in class that seems so hard will seem so easy in two months. But yet in two months you will still feel out of breath, tired and sweaty. Why? Because you are pushing yourself harder.


As you become more fit, you will need to work harder to get the same level of challenge as you had before. You will need to climb heavier, at a higher cadence, to push your heart (and legs) and make it (them) stronger.


Much like in life, your Spinning class experience is a journey, not a destination. If you finally reached “the top” of where you think you should be, where would you go? What would you do? Where would your next challenge lie?


Without challenges, we don’t grow.


You know the feeling. Secretly, we all feel like indoor cycling champions when we conquer something we struggled with before. That is why we come back to class. And back. And back. Because if it was easy—truly easy—it wouldn’t be any fun, now would it? If we didn't feel a sense of accomplishment, there would be no motivation to stick with it.


Look back at what you felt was difficult at the beginning when you first started taking Spinning classes, and compare it what you are capable of in class now.


As Matchbox 20 sings, “Let’s see how far we’ve come!” See how far you’ve come. Marvel. And keep going.





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