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WSSC Has So Much


WSSC has such a wide variety of classes. I never really get to see everyone who presents for the program. I spend most of the day preparing for the next presentation or unpacking from the previous one. The extra time I do have is mostly spent shopping or by the pool.

The event itself is so massive, it’s really hard to make recommendations to any of you who are going……..or still thinking about going.  The one piece of advice I can offer as you create your personal schedule is to really think about what you are looking to take from the entire experience. Are you looking for additional creative ideas for designing, organizing, and presenting your classes? Maybe you’ll attend a workshop or lecture on specific profile features or music selection. Some of the rides are based on themes while others try to target a specific guideline or technique for the entire workout.

For those of you looking to become more knowledgeable leaders, you’ll find a wealth of presentations on heart rate training, strength, health assessments, and flexibility.

Most of the comments and written responses show that attendees really want to tap into the different music styles and ideas that they experience at the event. They want the presenters to have handouts, slides, and posts readily available after their classes so everyone can remember and locate those certain songs that inspired them most.

If you are looking to improve your coaching style, you’ll certainly find that topic at WSSC as well. Not only will you experience many different presentation styles, you’ll have a chance to inquire as to what presenters feel is vital information for their particular participants and (more importantly) what isn’t. I have my thoughts on this subject (as everyone else does) and I’m more-than-happy to share my opinion within my workshop environment. I never attack or mock any other style of teaching or presenting in any way, but I do let everyone know my thoughts on certain subjects. I feel like I owe that honesty to you. I always tell participants at instructor training events to listen throughout the day, and make their style decisions when they leave. My advice to you is the same. Experience WSSC and then make decisions on what you feel is most important to change, enhance, or delete as you move forward.




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