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WSSC?It's the place to be!

Have you registered yet for the 12th Annual World Spinning® and Sports Conference? Our early bird rates end tomorrow, March 31, so there's still time to save big for the Spinning and fitness event of the year! If you haven't been to WSSC in the past, this is the perfect year to start! Choose from nearly 300 sessions that range from Spinning classes to functional training workshops to Pilates and yoga sessions. There's something here for instructors and enthusiasts of all fitness levels and abilities, and it's truly a fantastic place to hone your skills and learn a TON from top-of-the-line trainers in just one weekend. Push yourself to new heights with brand-new workshops and fun rides while you earn all the STAR points and CECs you need to keep your certification current for two whole years. Plus, you can meet your fellow Spinning instructors and enthusiasts from around the globe and exchange class tips and ideas. Ask anyone how they felt post-WSSC, and they'll tell you how rejuvenated they felt and how much fresher and more exciting their classes became. Don't miss out on your chance to be a part of this incredible weekend!



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