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YES! I can do this, mind over matter!

Gah! Yesterday I taught my Spinning class, and afterwards, headed to the fourth floor of my gym to take PART of a mixed martial arts inspired class. As it is ?demo? week and classes are free, attendance is crazy high?meaning, a packed room and a sole instructor that?s a bit hard to see if you?re tucked in the back. Thus, the instructor asked if I would help out and shadow her, which I was happy to do?except I hadn?t mentally prepared for two full workouts, and didn?t have on the right shirt nor the right sports bra (with extra support!), and did not pack in a sports drink to help replenish fluids lost. Whatever, though, because honestly, I love teaching gym classes and when they?re full you can?t help but get pumped and energized. I took some parts of the class lower (e.g., instead of sharp knee pulls with a hop, I modified and did them lower), but tried to find the same level of aggression and ferocity to push through and have fun with it. It was great! I?m sore as heck today, but being able to do this makes me proud of my journey in fitness, and allows me to really recognize how as humans, we can surmount challenges put forth. While I?m sure many of you have run marathons, scaled mountains and trekked through the rainforests (for which you have my utmost admiration!), carving out this little piece of fitness for myself gives me the strength and courage to continue with my teaching, knowing that I can step up when I need to! -June



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