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Yes, we're a bigger influence than we might think sometimes.

Instructors at my facility recently received an email from upper management regarding our roles as instructors at this gym. In essence, it seemed that some employees at the gym?I am not sure if it was instructors or trainers?were reported doing this such as offering training sessions outside of the facility or pushing nutritional supplements and such. At first, I was taken aback?but then I realized that this makes some sense, particularly in the case of the latter. As instructors, we often are looked to as the experts, and our opinions do matter to people who take our classes. In trying to ?sell? products to clients, we might not be ethical as our job is instructor or trainer, not nutritionist or doctor. Speaking from personal experience, I remember an incredibly charismatic instructor I had. I honestly believed all she spoke was the truth, and took everything she said as fact. As I got to know this person better, I realized that as charismatic as she was?she had no real clue about health and nutrition and what the SAFE way to lose weight was. I just accepted things as fact, and only through being in close quarters with her did I learn that not only did she really not have a clue about safety as it relates to fitness?she also was not even certified as an instructor. But, that?s not the whole point of this blog?my point here is about how as instructors it?s our role to model good behavior but also to know that what we say is often taken as fact and we should exercise care in doing so. -June



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