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This is going to be a completely tangential post that has nothing, necessarily, to do with exercise so much as an observation a friend made. For me, it had always stood to reason that because medical doctors work in the field of health, they would exercise, eat right, and be healthy given they know the pitfalls of not doing so. A friend of mine commented to me, though, that this wasn?t always the case?because a medical doctor?s lifestyle can be so hectic and because they are always so busy taking care of themselves, sometimes they neglect self-care. This was an incredibly interesting point to me because it made me stop and think: ?if someone in the industry of advocating health and being well doesn?t have the time to take care of themselves, what does it mean for the rest of us?!? Now, this is certainly not to say that all doctors don?t take care of themselves, but it saddened me a little because really?what does this mean for the general population who isn?t well educated on the benefits of health (when those educated on it, don?t have the chance to care for themselves?). Just something that I?m wrestling with. It?s no help that I?m always salivating at fast food commercials too! Darn marketing ploys! -June



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