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As you probably know by now, I love kid's exercise. My Spinning® classes are a regular for our school's PE program and I would love to continue to grow in this arena since Spinning® is so right for most kids (who can be appropriately fitted to a bike, of course). Today, I just got this letter and I wanted to share it with you. Shiela teaches Spin® classes to kids aged 10 to 14 years old. Here is what she said: Hey Cori. I wanted to tell you what i did this last week with my youth spinning class. When I got into class I brought 3 cds with me, one i made a list of kids favorites, 2 lemonade mouth, and 3 justin bieber I figured I would let the kids pick there ride! When they all arrived it ended up up being a class of girls the boys all had soccor and baseball. So of course we picked JB!! Well we are in michigan and right by the blue water bridges which take us to Canada (where jb is from)!! So we decided ride to a Justin Bieber concert!! and be all silly!! what a blast We started our ride at the Ymca, and thru town we went to the blue water bridges paid our toll, worked up a sweat getting to the top of the bridge, but it was all good because we are going to see jb in a concert and all the other girls would be all sweaty too! we started to ride down the bridge with much excitement and singing was encouraged ( to monitor how hard they were working) we got to customs, i of course did all the talking! The excitement was too much to handle after getting thur customs so we needed to to do a standing run with the breeze running thru our hair! we then knew after that we needed to control ourselves so we would have energy fpor the concert and the ride back !! The Girls had a blast and said it was their best ride ever!! I just thought i would share with you i even took a picture of them and put it on my face book page they were the cutest! If only JB saw them!! talk to you soon! ~sheila "It's really about knowing your kids...." she followed up with. How true is this? While the kids I see wouldn't have gone JB, the point is that if you have a connection with your kids and let them have a little ownership in their ride, you'll hook 'em and keep 'em coming back for more! Well done, Sheila! An inspiration to others who feel it is important to reach out to the kids in our community!



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