Spinning Experience 2013

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

This Spinning package includes a total of 4 sessions.

Before August 31st: € 191.25 for SPIN members, € 225 for non-members.

After September 1st: € 204 for SPIN members, € 240 for non-members.

8 sessions available in the package
VO2 Max @ Spinning® Experience - Saturday, October 26th

This year there is also the opportunity to do a personal VO2 Max test during the conference workshops. The test will take 45 minutes and will be done by Hans Hobbel. Registration is in addition of the conference registration. The price for the test is € 85 per instructor. It will be participants own responsibility to leave the workshop they registered for on time to be present for the VO2 Max testing. There are limited time slots available so make sure you register quickly!

12 sessions available in the package
SPIN®-A-Thon: Sunday, October 27th

6 hour Spinning marathon presented by 4 different Master Instructors. This year's presenters line up will be revealed soon:

English Registration Form

Nederlands Inschrijfformulier

0 sessions available in the package
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