Spinning Instructor Training
University of Massachusetts Amherst
161 Commonwealth Ave. 112C Recreation Center
Amherst, MA 01003
United States

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

(413) 577-0855


Spinning® Instructor's Manual 

SPIN® Membership trial for six months

ACE 0.8 CECs



Spinning Instructor Manual - US

Workshop Description: This comprehensive workshop will give you all the tools you need to become a certified Spinning instructor and lead your own classes in any of the 35,000+ Official Spinning Facilities worldwide. When you sign up, you'll receive the Spinning Instructor Manual for use as reference during your class, the Spinning Instructor Assessment and beyond. Upon completion of the Spinning Instructor Training, you will be eligible to take the Assessment test online at your convenience. Certification is active for two years from the date of your Instructor Training workshop, and with continuing education, can be maintained for a lifetime. Bring your gear and be ready for two great rides led by a Spinning Master Instructor. Workshop time (including two rides and a lunch break) is nine hours.

As a bonus—all Spinning Instructor Training participants receive a complimentary SPIN® Membership effective the date you register and expires six months after your Spinning Instructor Training. SPIN members receive 15% off Spinning® continuing education workshops and other valuable discounts. So, if you are signing up for Spinning Instructor Training, be sure to check and see if there is a continuing education workshop being offered as well!

In the Spinning Instructor Training, you'll learn how to:

  • Demystify cycling biomechanics
  • Instruct students on bike setup and safety
  • Develop strong coaching skills
  • Craft unforgettable class ride profiles
  • Incorporate heart rate training and the Spinning Energy Zones™
  • Use visualization techniques to enhance the mind/body connection

Spinning Instructor Training—the most comprehensive and widely recognized indoor cycling training program on the planet. 

The ride of your life starts here.™

Note: Heart Rate Monitor strongly recommended for this workshop click

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