Master Instructor Team - Europe


Peter Pastijn

Peter has been been a Spinning instructor since 1998. He is a former professional squash player and Belgian National Squash Team Coach. Currently he is a recreational triathlete. He has a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics. His self-starter approach made Peter a zealous student in fields of communication, sports science, and business development. Besides teaching Spinning classes, he currently runs a service provision company in the fitness industry, based in Brussels, Belgium. He is a father, coach, and a businessman.

Czech Republic

Rostislav Cada

Rostislav is a Master Instructor for the Spinning® Program, and a qualified Trainer for Bodybuilding with over 7 years of experience in the fitness industry. In 2002 Rosta was awarded a degree as an Engineer in Economy and is in the progress of completing a Doctoral degree in Philosophy. He currently works as an external consultant for fitness and nutrition with several wellness clubs and also teaches Spinning classes at various Spinning centers in Brno, Czech Republic.

Milan Dvorak

Milan is a new member of the Spinning® Master Instructor team after having been on the Czech Spinning Team for some time. He’s certified as an aerobics instructor by the Czech Ministry of Education. Formerly, he was a competitive dancer and dance teacher. Milan’s hobbies include outdoor cycling and aerobic exercise. By day, he works for a business leading seminars and lecturing on business skills.

Lucie Krmickova

A Master instructor for the Spinning program since 2007, Lucie has a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and English from the University of Liberec. Starting as a ballet dancer, she is now a professional aerobics and power yoga instructor, fitness instructor and personal trainer. Lucie was formerly a fitness aerobics competitor and won the world championship in 2001. She now works as a Spinning Education Coordinator for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Michal Opatril

Michal is a Master Instructor for the Spinning program and the Chief of the Czech Spinning Team. He received certification as an aerobics and indoor cycling instructor from the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.

Michal teaches Spinning lessons in three Spinning facilities in the Czech Republic. He is also a cycling trainer, leading winter workouts of cycling teams and training several individual BMX competitors.

Additionally, Michal participates in road cycling races. He cooperates in science research in the field of physiology of live organisms.


Klaus Warner
Klaus Warner

After many years on the road bike, Klaus discovered the joy, excitement and personal satisfaction training in the Spinning® program. He has since been hooked on that feeling and always looks forward to giving his participants a boost of energy and mental fitness. Klaus has a Bachelors Degree in Commerce and works in the insurance industry.


Mel Chambers

Mel Chambers is one of the UK Spinning® Master Instructors and has been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Within that time she has worked in many roles and taught in a vast variety of fitness disciplines. Her main passion has been within indoor cycling and over the last 13 years has become a well established trainer and presenter, delivering master classes, workshops and teacher training to thousands of instructors across the UK and Europe. Mel is also an established artist and sculptress as well as working in Permaculture (sustainable living) & supporting environmental projects particularly connected to the ocean. If you can’t find her on a Spinner® bike then she’s usually enjoying the great outdoors somewhere surfing, skiing, sailing or walking.

Michelle Colvin

As a Master Instructor for the Spinning® Programme, Michelle is responsible for the delivery of Spinning® Instructor Training and Continuing Education throughout the UK. She is also a Master Presenter for the Spinning® Programme at Fitness Events and Trade Shows Nationally and Internationally.

Michelle owns her own Fitness Testing Company, conducting Metabolic Assessment, Body Composition Analysis, VO2 max and sub-max Cardiorespiratory Examinations and analysis. She also conducts Blood Lactate Testing and analysis which takes testing to the highest level of accuracy to find lactate threshold data. In addition, Michelle is a qualified Nutritionist, conducting Food Diary Analysis and creating Diet Plans.

Michelle is a triathlete at all distances from Sprint to full Ironman®.

Sandro Morelli

Sandro is a Spinning Master Instructor, a Master Trainer for Humansport™, holds a cycling and triathlon coaching accreditation from the Swiss Cycling Federation and is also a certified Tai Chi Chuan instructor. He has 30 years of experience in the sports and fitness industries. Sandro coaches cyclists and triathletes and is a specialist in metabolic assessment and blood lactate analysis.

Sarah Morelli

Currently Education & Development Manager at Star Trac Europe, International Master Instructor for the Spinning® Program, Master Trainer for HumanSport® and Teacher Trainer for Peak Pilates® in addition to Biomechanics Coach™ and Tutor with Intelligent Training Systems with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Sarah formally managed a high end Central London Club and then progressed to develop a successful PT and Sports Performance Coaching company S2 Fitness in London’s Covent Garden utilizing Metabolic Testing and natural movement training and is now using her experience in the growth of partnerships with H2BikeRun and Salt Pilates, both based in Central London . Former UK EFBB Fitness Champion and IFBB Pro-Fitness Athlete following a strong sports background, she is working towards further development of SPINNING®, Peak Pilates® and the incorporation of Intrinsic Biomechanics in all forms of fitness education.


Stefan Amiri

Stefan Amiri has been a Spinning® Master Instructor and international Spinning® Presenter, working for Mad Dogg Athletics USA and Star Trac Germany since 2004. He has a degree in master of psychology, an active IRONMAN triathlete and an expert of mental coaching, leading his own company fitnessconcepte® in Bremen, Germany.

Andreas Büttgenbach

Andreas has been a Spinning instructor since 1999 and a Spinning Master Instructor since 2007. He currently teaches Spinning classes at various health clubs in Aachen and at the University of Aachen, in Germany. Andreas is a road cyclist and mountain biker. He also has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Aachen, and works as the leader of a product development engineering team at a consulting company.

Christiane Klaschus

Christiane joined the Spinning MI Team in 2004 and has a Degree of Sport Science from the University of Munich. She is a road cyclist and mountain bike enthusiast. Christiane was the Spinning Education Coordinator for Star Trac Germany from 2001-2011 and is now working for POLAR Germany.

Frank Müller

Frank is a professional snowboard instructor who holds a number of certifications in fitness and martial arts. He is an active mountain bike racer, participating in several competitions and tours every year. He coaches a large number of perseverance athletes, and he supports various cycling associations and sports departments in their preparations for large-scale challenges. Frank also works as a department manager at a craft enterprise.

Su Ordon

Su has been Master Instructor for the Spinning program for several years and is also a DAA and ISAS certified Aerobic and Step Trainer. Currently she is working as a teacher in sports and more and with her experience from studies (i.e. acting) supporting the development of several CE's in Germany.

Martin Timmermann

A Master Instructor for the Spinning® program since 1999, Martin has a Degree of Sport Science from the University of Munich, is a professional ski instructor and holds a number of certifications in health and fitness sports. Formerly an active track and field athlete and triathlete, Martin currently participates in inline speed skating competitions. He works as a Training and Concept Manager for Spinning, Cardio and Functional Training at Star Trac Germany. In the years of 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2012 he trained, coached and evaluated European Master Instructor Candidates at MI Camp. Martin is also a Power Specialist Master Instructor for the Spinpower™ program.


Lena Georga

Since 2007, Lena has served as the Education and Event Coordinator for Spinning® and Humansport. She has a degree in Sports Science from the University of Athens with a focus on Skiing and Sports Marketing. She holds various fitness-related certifications, is a mountain bike enthusiast and has participated in numerous running trail races.

Evangelos Kastamoulas

Evangelos comes from the world of competitive cycling. He was Champion and Captain of the Greek Cycling Road Racing Team and has won several cycling championships in road racing, track racing, mountain biking and marathon cycle races over 200km (Brevets). He is also a former cycling pro athlete for 2 years in team World of Bike. One of his biggest achievements was completing the challenging world famous 17th Paris Brest Paris Randoneur (1257km) finishing after only 65 hours. He is currently Head Technician for Trac Greece, and also continues to compete in races in and out of his country mostly for personal bests and leading the Spinning® Program in Greece. He works in and organizes several gyms as a Spinning® instructor and consultant in Athens. He is also working on advanced projects and continuing education for Mad Dogg Athletics and other cycling industry companies.


András Farkas

András is a Spinning® Master Instructor and has Cycling Coach, Bodybuilding and Fitness sport instructor qualifications from the Semmelweis University as part of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences Training Institute. In addition he has Yoga Instructor and Polar Cycling Ownzone™ qualifications as well as a degree in Computer Science from Gábor Dénes College. He is currently working as a Spinning® Instructor and teaching Spinning® classes at various studios in Budapest and around the capital city. András has been in the national Spinning® world since 2004. Before he started to teach Spinning® he was competing in mountain-bike marathons and road cycling racing. In his cycling coach studies he learnt about the power meter based training theory (built on studies by Andrew Coggan and Hunter Allen). He is interested in heart rate variability as well as in training data processing and evaluating methods.

Gabriella Posch

Gabriella has a Degree of Science in Professional Communication. She is currently working as a Spinning® instructor, a presenter and at the same time as a professional supervisor in the largest fitness facilities in Hungary, at the Oxygen Wellness Centres in Budapest. She is also a certified personal trainer and a recreational and fitness sports trainer. In addition she is leader of the Polar Cycling Own Zone courses in Hungary where certified instructors can acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge in heart rate controlled trainings.


Brian McKenna

A Master Instructor for the Spinning Program, Brian holds a National Diploma and a B.A. in Recreation and Leisure from the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland. He is also a graduate of the NCEF Fitness Instructor training program at the University of Limerick. He is currently the operations manager and director of Spinning at Quay Leisure, Limerick.

Jonathon Wilson

Jonathan has been a Spinning instructor since 1999, and was the first instructor in Ireland to attain STAR 3 status before becoming a Master Instructor. He has played competitive team sports for most of his life including soccer, rugby and hockey, and more recently races road bikes.

Jonathan has been involved in the fitness industry for five years, and assists his wife in running their own successful club, Fortfields Beauty & Fitness, Northern Ireland, specialising in Spinning®, Body Conditioning and Personal Training.


Maurizio Bottoni

Maurizio is a Master Instructor for the Spinning Program, a Fitness Consultant, Family Mediator and a Psycho Body Counselor (PBC). He is an experienced swimmer, triathlete, mountain biker, and basketball player.
He currently works in the Fispin office as the National Events and Education Coordinator for the Italian Federation of the Spinning Program.
He has worked in the sports industry since 1989 as a coach of various sports, and during the last 10 years he has worked in the field of human research managing as a People Consultant and Counselor. Next October he will open PBC counseling studio which uses mind and body techniques for therapy such bioenergetics, mental training, and autogen training in Empoli Florence Tuscany, where he lives. He also hopes to one day open his own fitness studio with Spinning classes, of course!

Andrea De Toni

Andrea has been involved with the Spinning® program since 1996 and has been a member of the Italian Spinning® Team since 2001. He has a degree of Sport Science and Physical Education from the University of Padova – Italy as well as an Athletics Coach degree. In addition, he holds a number of certifications in health and fitness sports. Formerly, Andrea has taken part in numerous mountain bike cross country competitions and road races. He is a mountain bike guide, participating in mountain bike tours and expeditions. Currently he owns a fitness center and is an athletic trainer for cyclists.

Carmelo Di Giacomo

Carmelo has a degree in physical education from the University of Catania and has been a Spinning® instructor since 2000. In 2004, he joined the Italian Spinning® Team as a trainer. As a soccer athlete, he became dedicated to fitness after finishing his degree and began to teach kinesiology. Since 1993, Carmelo has owned and operated a fitness center in his home town.

Daniele Iacoboni

Daniele has a degree in Sport Sciences and has been working in the fitness industry since 1993. He became a Spinning® instructor in 1999 and joined the Italian Spinning team in 2004. He has always been involved in sports - playing basketball for 16 years and competing in road cycling since 2002. Daniele works in an Assisted Nursing Home where he teaches gymnastics for geriatrics to the elderly that are hosted in the facility.

Giuseppe Meglio

Giuseppe is a Master Instructor for the Spinning Program in Italy. He graduated college with a physical education degree, and is also a qualified caretaker for the handicapped and a certified massage therapist. In addition, Giuseppe is a Life Pump instructor and a master body builder. For 9 years he has been responsible for the aerobics sector of IFBB in his region. By day he works as the director of two clubs in Naples.

Roberto Sara

Roberto has a Degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Pescara. He is a trainer for the Italian Football Federation and an instructor at the Centre for Sport of CONI. In the past he was an athlete for military sports teams, running the middle distance races. He currently rides and competes with an Italian cycling team. In addition to coordinating national Spinning® events in Italy, Roberto coordinates the Spinning® program development for the region of Abruzzo, Italy.

Sergio Valenzano

Sergio has been a dedicated motorcycle racing athlete since he was a teenager. He has competed in the Motocross Championships and in various motorcycle rallies. He was a part of the first European Spinning ® Master Instructor Camp in April 1995. Along with his indoor cycling activities, Sergio has preserved his passion for cycling, both mountain and road, and has also competed in triathlons. His favorite saying is, "Heart follows the mind, soul is all that surrounds us, protects us and guides our deeds."


Hans Hobbel

Hans is a Master Instructor for the Spinning Program. Hans has 8 years experience in the fitness industry and has practiced for 3 years Moving Animals and Cani-Gymnastics from the Cani family. Hans is a road cyclist and mountain biker. Hans currently teaches Spinning classes , Cani –Gymnastics and Les Mills classes at a various health clubs and studios in the Netherlands.

Gaby Hoogeveen

Gaby has been involved in the fitness industry since she was very young. After she finished her 3-year sports education successfully in 2001 she started to work as an all round Fitness manager and continued her work as a Spinning® instructor. She’s a certified fitness, aerobics and Pilates instructor, and a sport masseur. In 2007 Gaby joined the Spinning® Master Instructor team. Currently she teaches at several facilities in and near Rotterdam.

Chantal Janssen

Chantal is a Master Instructor for the Spinning program. She has also been a presenter for Team FTR since 2003. Chantal works as a sports instructor for patients with COPD and cancer. She has certifications in several indoor sports and has also managed a health center in the past. Chantal got her start in sports playing professional handball, and enjoys running, music and good food.

Frank Smulders

Frank is the owner of mate2befit, a company based in the Netherlands which specializes in nutritional counseling, fitness testing, and workshops for cyclists, personal trainers, and children and adults facing obesity. A former triathlete and track athlete, Frank has been the manager of a health center since 2005. Currently Frank cycles and runs in recreational competitions. His biggest hobby: pushing himself to the limit in sports!

Andre Struik

Andre joined the Spinning® Master Instructor team in 2012. He has been involved in the fitness industry since 2006 as a Spinning® and BodyPump instructor. Originally Andre is a primary school teacher and currently serves as the Spinning® Education and Events Coordinator for Mad Dogg Athletics Europe.


Sylwia Czepizak

A Master Instructor for the Spinning Program, Sylwia has a Master’s Degree in Physical Education in Poznan. She is certified as an aerobics instructor by the University School of Physical Education. She currently works as a Personal Trainer and she teaches Spinning classes at the Nautilus Fitness Center in Poznan. Sylwia is a lover of mountain-biking and she participates in MTB marathons.

Maciej Pordab

A Master Instructor for the Spinning Program since 2010. Maciej has a Masters Degree of Sport and Science from the Academy of Physical Education in Poznan. He is an active tri-athlete, personal trainer and ski instructor. Maciej currently cycles competitively and participates in cycling and running marathons. Maciej has completed three Ironman Triathlon. (2007, 2008 and 2009).

Iwona Stanek

Iwona is a Master Instructor for the Spinning® Program. Iwona is a former professional basketball player and downhill skier. She has over 7 years of experience working as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Professional Skiing Instructor and has a degree from Wroclaw's University. Iwona currently works as an English translator, Spinning and Fitness Instructor and Fitness Club Manager in her hometown. By day she teaches skiing and works as an external Fitness Specialist. She likes good music, travelling around the globe and teaching barbell classes.

Jarek Witek

Jarek joined the Spinning® Master Instructor Team in 2014. He is an International Presenter for the Spinning® Program at fitness events all over Europe with many years of experience, and he delivers SIT and CED educations in Polish, French and English. He has worked in the fitness industry as a fitness group manager since 2007. Jarek is a founder and main organizer of The Underground Energy Zone, one of the most spectacular Spinning® Events in the world. Currently, he works for the Mad Dogg Athletics Education Representative in Poland. He is passionate about photography, traveling and exploring and has an adventurous spirit.


Pedro Maia

Pedro is a Spinning® Education Manager in Portugal. He has also been an ACE and ACSM-certified fitness instructor and personal trainer since 1986. Pedro was a bodybuilder in the 80's but has always loved the bike. He started racing mountain bikes in 1990 as an elite competitor, losing 35 pounds of muscle in the process. Currently, he competes in mountain bike marathons as a veteran rider, and coaches several cycling athletes.

Dino Pedras

In addition to managing his own fitness chain, Dino's Health Clubs, Dino is in charge of Spinning® events in Portugal. He is a professional fitness instructor and personal trainer, holding a number of certifications in the health and fitness industry. Dino has coached for the Portuguese Cycling Federation/UCI and is currently competing in mountain bike and road bike marathons. He is also a Power Specialist Master Instructor for the Spinpower™ program.


Oana Terteleac

Oana joined the Spinning® Master Instructor Team in June 2014, following her passion for sports and for constant development. A strong believer in the incredible capacity of learning and reinventing ourselves, Oana is also a marathon runner. She has a degree in International Economic Relations and a Masters Degree in Commercial Business Administration. She has been working for more than 14 years in the IT&C Industry for software, devices and cloud services.


Barry Ross

Barry has been teaching the Spinning program since 2003. He started his career in soccer, coming through the youth system at Glasgow Rangers Football Club before playing professionally at Heart of Midlothian FC, among others. Barry has been involved in the fitness industry for over 15 years, and is currently Fitness Manager at North Gailes Country Club near Troon, Scotland.


Polona Gosar-Rankovic

Polona Gosar Rankovic has been involved in the Fitness Industry since 1995 as a cycling instructor, aerobic instructor, personal trainer and Spinning® instructor. Polona has a Degree in Physical Education from Faculty from Sport in Ljubljana. Since 2007 she is the responsible Education Representative for the Spinning® program in the Balkan region. This former athlete enjoys mountain biking, running and other outdoors sports. She also works as Spinning® instructor in a Spinning® facility in Ljubljana.


Robbie Ambrosini

A Master Instructor for the Spinning® program and Swiss SAFS Certified Personal Trainer, Kranking® Instructor and TRX® Trainer. Robbie is also a Swiss/Phillippines certified Win Chung, Eskrima, Yoga and Chi Kung Instructor with 18 years of experience. Robbie is training to compete in Olympic Distance triathlons. He has his own Fitness Center Fibra in Málaga. Robbie is also a Power Specialist Master Instructor for the SPINPower® Program.

Albert Arranz Tomas

Albert has a degree in Tourism & Economy and has traveled worldwide for many years for his career in the hospitality industry. He brings the skills of his occupation into the Spinning room and strives to always demonstrate the numerous benefits the Spinning program has to offer, most specifically his passion for the mind/body connection. He has been a Spinning instructor since 2008.

Carlos Fuentes Mora

A Master Instructor for the Spinning® Program; Carlos is a qualified Nurse (Autonoma University, Madrid) and Works in the Spanish Army with specific training in Search and Rescue, Aeroespace and Diving tasks. He is also a great expert in muscle recovery treatment (Orthos Muscle Treatment School).

In adittion to all this health qualification, he is a minor degree in psychology (UNED University); a perfect mix of body and mind expert. He holds blue belt in Taekwondo (Spanish Taekwondo Federation), and he is a long distance runner (Marathon and Middle Marathon).

Eva Garcia

A Master Instructor for the Spinning® Program for more than ten years, Eva has worked in the fitness industry as proprietor of "Sant Jordi Sports Center" in Lleida.

Presently, Eva is the Technical Director of Fit 60 Spinning® Center in Barcelona. She also works directly with Star Trac Spain to promote the Spinning® Program, train new instructors and coordinate special events in Spain.

Gregorio Olmos Abad

A Master Instructor for the Spinning® program; Gregorio is also a Polar® OwnZone Guide as well as a windsurfing and long distance triathlon enthusiast. Since 1992, he has been a judge for the Spanish Triathlon Federation. He also has 10 years experience as a runner in long distance duathlons, triathlons and middle marathons over. He graduated Cum Laude in Physical Education (Cádiz University).

Currently he is a trainer of Spinning® and Cardiovascular methods. He is a supervisor at TIXEO Healthness Club situated in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz/Spain.

David Perez Aquerreta

David is a Master Instructor for the Spinning program. He has worked in the fitness industry in Venezuela and Spain since 1999. David did his primary course studies at Caracas Pedagogic University and he holds a brown belt in Karate Do Goyu Ryu. He was Venezuela’s Karate National Champion 1995-1996. He is the owner of a Berriozar Spinning Club in Pamplona, Spain.

Francesco Taddei

A Master Instructor for Spinning® Program from 2010, Francesco has a degree in Physical Education (ISEF) from the University of Florence in Italy. In the past he was a semi-professional soccer player. He has worked in the fitness industry and group sports training field since 1987 and has achieved various certifications in both areas. He currently teaches in several gymnasiums as a Spinning® Instructor, Fitness Instructor, Athletic Trainer and Personal Trainer. He is the manager of an Official Spinning® Centre in Spain.


Kilian Ammann

Kilian has been a certified Spinning® instructor since 1997. He lived in Mallorca, Spain for 14 years teaching Spinning classes and working as a bike guide, personal trainer and masseur. He opened the first official Spinning center in Mallorca, called "KA2". He has since relocated back to Switzerland in 2011.

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