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In January, new year's resolutions boost gym memberships, but by March, determination usually peters out. With this annual surge of bravery and commitment, many people will step into their first Spinning® class, and first impressions are everything. The vital role you play as a Spinning instructor should not be underestimated.

Kris of San Diego County, California made a monumental comeback in her personal life through hard work and determination. She is more than 100 pounds lighter, and she attributes much of her success to the Spinning program and her favorite instructor Robin.

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it is not all about cutting calories. Programs differ slightly on how much caloric restriction and exercise factor in, but Kris knew that she would have to get moving in order to succeed. She decided to incorporate Spinning classes into her workout routine and took her first class with certified Spinning instructor Robin Missailidis. Her first impression of Robin was a balance of tough and fun, but most importantly, she knew what she was doing.

We all know that the mistaken concept that a Spinning class is only for the athletic couldn't be further from the truth. However, for the non-Spinning population, intimidation is a well-recognized factor that keeps them out. Kris wants all instructors to understand that it isn't easy to walk into a Spinning class the first time.

"As someone who was overweight for a long time, working out was terribly difficult for various reasons: I was not used to moving around so much and felt very clumsy; I hated to sweat as it makes various places chafe or get a rash, or gives me rosacea; I felt ugly and uncomfortable when working out next to the cute gym rats; I got scared and nervous when my heart rate would go up and I would think I'm going to have a heart attack; My body ached in places I've never felt before ... and so on," Kris explains. "Instructors need to know that overweight people are not lazy-just unaccustomed to pushing our bodies in ways that we haven't experienced."

When dealing with first-time Spinning class participants, it is important to be as explicit and basic as possible with information. Kris recalls that she had no idea what to wear to a Spinning class, what shoes would work, how much water to drink or that she needed a towel. She concedes that she was shy and had she not been so determined to accomplish her goal, it would have been these small details that kept her from returning to class.

After 16 years of gracing fitness schedules around the world, the Spinning program has a proven track record of changing people's lives. Whether your clients are athletes in need of cross training, cyclists in need of inclement weather training, injured and in need of non-impact rehabilitation, or overweight and looking to make positive and healthy changes in their lives, Spinning seems to be the one group exercise that does it all. And as a Spinning instructor, you have the power to help people reach their goals, whatever they may be.

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