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How to Pick the Right Cycling Shoe

Cycling shoes have many benefits. The main advantage of a cycling shoe over a running shoe or cross trainer is the stiff sole. The shoe’s rigid sole and snug fit provide a more efficient pedal stroke and minimize foot fatigue. Laces and Velcro
® straps improve the upward motion of your pedal stroke; by reducing foot movement, these features provide extra stability. Cycling shoes also allow you to clip into the bike pedals, which helps engage more leg muscles for balanced toning and strengthening.

To keep your feet dry and comfortable, moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics are a must. Also, make sure to look for cycling shoes with a recessed cleat or SPD® (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) system to make walking before and after Spinning class safe and easy.

A number of great indoor cycling shoes are available at spinning.com:

SIDI® shoes are made from durable, breathable microfiber with moisture-wicking micromesh inserts. These Italian handcrafted shoes are designed to fit your foot perfectly.

Our newest brand to hit spinning.com, Lake® shoes provide an affordable yet high-quality option for indoor cycling. With easy-walking, lightweight Vibram® soles and synthetic leather and mesh uppers, Lake shoes ensure maximum comfort for hours of pedaling. 

Get your cycling shoes today at spinning.com and notice an immediate improvement in your ride!


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