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Spinning Classes for Sprint Triathlon Training

by Siri Lindley

As Spinning instructors, our goal is to help our clients get fit, strong, lean and happy from our classes. We want to help them make fitness a lifestyle by continuing to challenge them on a daily basis.

Triathlon is a lifestyle sport. People of all shapes and sizes take on the challenge of the swim, bike and run in this multi-sport endurance race.

For beginners, the sprint triathlon is typically the first goal. This consists of a half-mile swim, a 12-mile bike ride and a 3.1-mile run.

Most of the time during this race will be spent on the bike, so the bike training portion of a triathlete’s training is of the utmost importance. As Spinning instructors, you can be a huge part of an athlete’s preparation for this race!

In order to prepare your triathlete students, you can help them with their goals by providing them with all the different types of training sessions they need to arrive at their goal race as strong, fit and prepared as possible.

Here’s an ideal pre-triathlon training schedule using the Spinning Energy Zones:


45-minute session in the Strength Energy Zone to strengthen their muscles and increase speed on the running and biking portions of the race.


45-minute session in the Interval Energy Zone to break the aerobic/anaerobic threshold.


45-minute session in the Race Day Energy Zone to simulate the triathlon.


1 hour, 30 minute session in the Endurance Energy Zone to build stamina.

The most important of these sessions for triathletes is a class in the Race Day Energy Zone. I used to use my indoor cycling classes as a chance to take my students through the bike portion of the race. For instance, say there is a big local race coming up. Learn a bit about the course, the terrain, the weather (wind? hot? humid?) and start incorporating that course into your class. Take them through the course verbally, describing the environment, the temperature, and the different aspects of the course they are riding!

Not only will this be of great help to your triathlete students, but a ton of fun for your everyday Spinning enthusiasts. You will be a huge part of their success on the bike on race day!

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