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Spinning® Breast Cancer Survivor Stories

Nancy says:

I am a four-year breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at the age of 35. I began taking Spinning® classes just after completion of breast cancer treatment. (Yes, I actually attended Spinning classes while wearing a wig after losing all my hair to chemo). Since then (2007), I have been a Spinning program addict and to this day make it a regular part of my fitness routine. The Spinning program has given me strength both mentally and physically and I know that it helped me get through that very trying part of my life. I owe my determination to get through it largely to my Spinning class routine. I LOVE IT!!

Elizabeth says:
Thanks to the Spinning® program, I was in the best shape of my life in May of 2010 when I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. A little over a year later, all is well. Spinning is the most important physical exercise program to ever to come into my life. I feel fabulous when I ride, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Everyone should do it, breast cancer or not.

MaryAnne says:
The Spinning® program played a pivotal role in my recovery and continues to help me combat the long term affects of cancer treatment.   

My story begins in May of 2007. At the time of my diagnosis, I was an avid runner and a member of my local New York Sports Club. My focus was mainly treadmill and sculpting classes, but I just started attending a few Spinning classes. The news of my diagnosis sent me into a downward spiral. I had a long road ahead of me and for the first time, my physical activities were limited. My first step in treatment was surgery and as such, running and weight lifting were out of the question. I turned to the Spinning program. I found it both physically and mentally therapeutic. On top of the physical benefits, I found I was benefiting mentally as well. You see, I could accomplish something in a Spinning class room that I could not accomplish anywhere else: I could lose myself.  In a Spinning class room, I was strong, I was focused, I found something better than therapy: I found an escape.

My next phase of treatment was worse than the first. Next for me was chemotherapy. I was terrified as I have heard all the horror stories of this type of treatment. My medical staff encouraged me to continue to exercise, as they saw it raised my spirits and would benefit my overall health. It was during this long and grueling treatment process that I became a certified Spinning instructor. I continued to ride and perfect my form and with the encouragement of a few instructors, I went for my certification. Getting that certification was a huge accomplishment for me. Not only did I challenge myself physically, I challenged myself mentally. I was strong and I found a way to focus on something other than the disease.   
Some people told me that I would never be able to continue my workouts through the therapy process, but they were wrong. I only got stronger both mentally and physically. I was "normal" in a Spinning class room.  There were no sympathetic stares, no one knew I was sick or wearing a wig, or bandaged up, or crying that morning, or throwing up that evening. I was just a rider and proud of it.  

It is four years later, and I still teach Spinning classes for NYSC.

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