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Reorganize, Reassess and Redefine Your Goals

Somehow as adults, we still run our lives according to a calendar that mimics the academic calendar of our long gone days at grade school. I’m sure you remember that during your childhood, you approached the first day of school with a mixture of sadness that your summer fun was over, anxiety about your new class and teachers and eager anticipation of being yet another year older. As adults, we experience similar stimuli as we enter college or graduate school or begin our first job. We divide our year into seasons and holidays that frequently mimic semesters and breaks. Even our periodized training plans take on the characteristics of a traditional calendar school year.
As a Spinning® instructor, you can learn to recognize this school year pattern with your students. With summer vacations completed and job demands back on track, Spinning® students are ready to resume a more consistent class schedule this September. So it’s time for Spinning® instructors and their facilities to click into the pedals and get going.
Though Spinning® instructors have a wealth of resources to guide and support their teaching, the best teachers put their heart and soul into their classes. Because Johnny G, in his wisdom, created a program that is soundly based on the mind-body connection, Spinning® instructors are both encouraged and mandated to train not just technique, but train the athlete on physical, emotional, and psychological levels.
Since the Spinning program teaches you to take all of that into account, it is important to be sensitive to the needs of your students, especially at this time of year. Some are dealing with heavy hearts and concerns about their children off at school. Some are alarmed by the job market, the economy and the stresses that may be brought on by changing seasons in some climates. Get to know your participants, be aware of their needs, but do so while remaining professional and functionally impersonal. Help them to look at September as a time to reorganize, regroup, reassess and redefine goals.
September is an ideal time to rethink ride profiles and add new music to your collection. If you keep your class profiles and playlists well-organized and available, you will never be caught unprepared. Making new profiles and compiling new playlists is a way of life for Spinning® instructors. If you ride outdoors, use some of what you learned and experienced this summer to help you build interesting new classes, always remembering to work within the parameters of the Spinning® Energy Zones™. September is an excellent time to bring “Back to School” themes into your studio. Update participant contact information, welcome newcomers, and help students discover others whose kids go to the same schools or play on the same teams.
Perhaps most importantly, instructors should take this opportunity to look inward. Do you remember how exciting it was to select which classes you wanted to take when you were in college? Now, you can feel the same excitement when picking which home study courses, workshops, and Spinning® events you want to enroll in as an instructor. Not only do you earn STAR points for every course and session you take, but the rush you get from studying, participating and networking is immeasurable.
Just as you plan your classes and frame your calendar around personal and professional commitments, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, you can search www.spinning.com for workshops in your area and schedule them into your calendar. Or, even better, encourage the management of your facility to host Spinning® workshops, Spinning® Instructor Orientations and other Spinning® related activities. Spinning® events require more planning (and saving), but are definitely worth the effort. If you will be attending a regional event or even the next World Spinning® and Sports Conference (WSSC), register early and take advantage of the early-bird discount, reserve your lodging, arrange for transportation and connect with others who might want to go with you.    

It’s time to get back to school. Just as any classroom teacher approaches the new academic year with fresh creativity, approach the training of your students and yourself with energy, enthusiasm and the expectation for a good year ahead.
  Linda Freeman

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