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Success at Revolution Fitness

Fifteen years ago, my life was spiraling out of control. I didn’t think about being an entrepreneur, I just thought about the horrendous divorce I was going through and I was trying to be an actress. I called myself the “un-auditioning actress.”

I finally landed a part in a movie and I told I had to lose a few pounds before filming started and was sent to a Spinning® studio. I had no idea what Spinning was. I thought I’d be standing and twirling. I got there and it was a bicycle class. I loved it. I got lost in the music. It became a cathartic place for me. It makes you feel strong and I was hooked.

After some time, I couldn’t stomach the whole Hollywood scene, so I thought about becoming a school teacher, or a therapist. A friend asked me, “Why don’t you open one of those Spinning studios. You love them so much.”

All I knew at the time was the power of making a decision. Even if it’s not the right decision, just make a decision, because there is nothing worse energetically than just being confused all the time and not knowing what to do.

I was no longer a rebel without a cause, I was about to start a revolution in fitness. I found the location on what is now trendy Montana Avenue, in Santa Monica, California. There was a sign right outside that said “Studio for Lease.” It had been vacant for over a year and had suffered earthquake damage. I loaned myself part of my divorce settlement and treated it like a small business loan. I set up a separate account and was accountable for re-paying myself. I was about to sign the lease when a huge sports company discovered the old gym location and was ready to pour big bucks into renovations and open its own gym. It must have been fate because the landlords chose me.

Revolution Fitness opened its doors six weeks later with five instructions and twelve Spinner® bikes. I spent hours mixing cassette tapes for the classes. That’s the way it was done back in the day. Word quickly spread about this intimate place to ride your cares away, and the movement grew. Today, I’m proud to say that Revolution Fitness has over thirty full and part-time instructors and hundreds of loyal clients.

It’s not only Cheers where everybody knows your name. Most of my clients have been with me from the beginning. I make sure everybody knows everybody’s name.  The best advertising in my business is word of mouth. That’s marketing you can’t pay for.

Smiling is the most underrated sales tool. Any successful business owner should utilize the following to succeed:

• Excellent customer service.
• Hire well.
• Learn to delegate.
• Great communications skills.
• Love what you do.

I love that whatever I want to happen, I can make happen. I love the people. I love hearing the feedback from the clients and how I’ve helped make a difference in their lives. It’s such a fun business.

Today, we have a second Revolution location in Venice, California that we opened in June 2011. I am happily married and my husband recently left a prestigious marketing position to join the revolution.

In addition to Spinning/strength/yoga classes, Revolution Fitness offers private and semi-private Pilates classes. For more information, visit www.revolutionfitness.net.

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  Stephanie Moore

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