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Spinning® Holiday Gift Guide  
Stumped on what to buy those last couple of people on your list this year? Spinning® is here to help! Check out our picks for awesome gifts sure to make everyone smile this holiday season.
For the tech-savvy folks:
Digifitis the most comprehensive fitness and health app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. With the Digifit Connect accessory, you can track your cardio workouts with a heart rate monitor or more than 80 ANT+ fitness and health sensors such as the Spinning cadence sensor. Build workouts from your iTunes library, assigning songs to specific zones. Digifit recently announced the “health triad” with Withings Wifi Scale and Zeo Personal Sleep Coach™, so you can track your exercise, weight and sleep in one convenient dashboard for health livingSM in the Digifit Ecosystem. Click here to learn more and for special holiday “triad” deals!
For those getting serious about their training:
HRMsWe don’t hop on our Spinner® bikes without strapping on a heart rate monitor. Heart Rate Monitors help take the guesswork out of training and let you know exactly how hard you’re working. With a range of features from basic heart rate and calorie tracking to GPS, a heart rate monitor is an essential tool for Spinning classes and beyond.
For the Spinning instructor:
Fit SystemThe Spinning Fit System makes bike setup so easy that you’ll want to keep one on hand for every class! Designed by Master Instructor Josh Taylor, the Spinning Fit System makes it easy to get the proper bike fit for every rider. This protractor-like tool helps instructors fit a range of body sizes quickly before Spinning classes, giving the new instructor immediate credibility.
SPIN Give the devoted Spinning instructor the gift of a SPIN® membership. Being a SPIN member gives you great deals on education, products, apparel and more throughout the year. Plus, you’ll receive exclusive SPIN member class profiles and promotions in your inbox every month. This gift will help sharpen your skills and keep you up to date on all things Spinning. 
For the stylish Spinning fan in your life:
B-BANDSA set of B-BANDS makes Spinner handlebars sparkle with personality! The original handlebar covers for the indoor cyclist, B-BANDS are made of soft, stretchable cotton that slides easily over a variety of handlebar styles. In addition to being absorbent, sanitary, and machine washable, B-BANDS come in an assortment of styles and colors, letting you personalize your bike.
The stylish Men’s and Women’s Spinning Team jackets will keep you warm before and after every Spinning class this winter. With superior moisture-management capabilities, these jackets will keep you dry as you show everyone what team you’re on this holiday season.
For the whole family:
KinectWe love the family bonding time the Kinect for Xbox 360 creates. This revolutionary sensor breeds a whole new genre of full-body gaming. It lets you control games, movies, music and television with a wave of your hand and turns your voice into the controller. It translates things that come naturally to you onto the screen: You can kick a ball with your feet, drive a car with your hands, or pause a movie by simply saying “Xbox, pause.” Everyone in your family can hop off the couch and join in, whether you’re a gamer or not!
For functional training:
Body StickStart 2011 relaxed and tension free with The Stick. The Stick soothes the tension in your neck, back, etc. after a tough workout or work day. This simple body roller elicits amazing results that will ease your stress as you guide it along your tense muscles. It is highly effective in the treatment of muscle pain and trigger points, helping to prevent and predict muscle injuries and improve strength, flexibility and endurance. Plus, The Stick is used as a training tool by athletes at several United States Olympic Training Centers. 
You’ll love how easy exercise is with Bodyblade. The Bodyblade® Classic gives a smooth and comfortable resistive workout that is great for all ages and fitness levels. Give the gift of a Bodyblade and your loved ones can get a complete strength workout in just 15 minutes a day. Plus, this is a great piece of equipment that your whole household can share!
RABFor an instant energy boost, we trade our desk chairs for a Resist-A-Ball® stability ball. This is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to improve their balance, posture and strength. Easy to inflate and use, Resist-A-ball will become part of your strength-training routine in no time flat.
 PilatesstickWhen you can’t make it to the gym, grab the Pilatesstick® for a super convenient workout. For Pilates anytime, anywhere, the Pilatesstick is a great gift for the fitness enthusiast always on the go. The Pilatesstick makes it easy to do body-sculpting exercises normally reserved for the tower while at home or on vacation. 
For the runner:
VibramOur staffers can’t stop gushing about their Vibram barefoot running shoes, and you will love them as much as we do! A pair of Vibram FiveFingers will help the runner in your life take their training to the next level. FiveFingers stimulate the muscles in your feet and lower legs to build strength and improve range of motion in a way that conventional running shoes can’t. These shoes allow active outdoor athletes and fitness professionals to experience the sensation of going barefoot with the protection and sure-footed grip of a Vibram sole.
For the adventure lover:
Ride 2 RecoveryThe greatest gift of all is one that comes with a great cause. With Ride 2 Recovery Challenges and Cyclefest events that take place across the country, you’ll see some amazing sites while pushing yourself to the limit. An added bonus? The registration proceeds for each event help benefit the rehabilitation of wounded veterans. Visit www.ride2recovery.com to learn more about the events nearest you.  


Want to win some of the fabulous fitness finds featured in our holiday gift guide? Send your best healthy winter recipe to news@spinning.com by Friday, Dec. 10 for your chance to win! We’ll pick our top five recipes and feature them in January’s Spinning News and on Spinning.com. We look forward to reading your recipes!


Recipes will be judged based on creativity. Winners will be notified via e-mail by Dec. 17, 2010. Sorry, this contest is open to continental U.S. residents only.





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