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How Many Watts Do You Got?

Spinning® has always been considered an awesome aerobic workout that burns calories and tones your legs like nobody’s business, but did ever stop to think about how much electricity your Spinning class could create?  

Well, The Green Revolution has spent a lot of time considering that question, and they have come up with the answer. Their mission is to involve people in the process of creating clean renewable energy from human activity, and they have recently launched a new product that is designed to work with Spinner® bikes.  Now while people are getting a great workout, they can also have a positive impact on the environment by creating clean electricity that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps to connect a healthy body with a healthy planet.

green fitnessJay Whelan, founder and President of the Green Revolution, Inc., has a strong track record as an environmental leader. Jay is a recent recipient of State of Connecticut Governor’s Climate Change Leadership Award. Jay says, “We are excited about our new technology for Spinner bikes. Given the popularity and success of the Spinning program, we feel that this is the best opportunity to engage fitness enthusiasts in an amazing workout that can make a meaningful contribution to the environment by ‘Connecting Healthy Body with a Healthy Planet.’ As The Green Revolution scales our capabilities, the clean and renewable energy created by fitness centers throughout the country and the world will make a difference in contributing to a healthier planet.”

The impact that Dr. Whelan references may be bigger than you think. A recent article in the New York Times suggests that if the eight million people living in Manhattan worked out on a Spinner bike attached to the electric grid, we could generate 60 million Kilowatts of electricity per hour. Each month, enough electricity would be generated to power more than 45 million homes, and the reduction in carbon emissions is like taking 34 thousands cars of the road each month. Now that is quite an impact!

“We’re excited about working with Green Revolution supply and the combination of Spinner® bikes with Green Revolution’s cutting-edge technology, says John Baudhuin, CEO of Mad Dogg Athletics. “After years of hearing how great it would be if Spinner bikes could generate electricity, it’s nice to be able to say … the future is here!”

How Does it work?

The Green Revolution patent-pending technology can be installed on existing Spinner bikes, instantly providing these bikes with electronic resistance and performance monitoring capabilities. A performance monitor is fitted to each bike’s handlebar allowing the rider to control resistance level during a workout and also displays the electricity created. Then the generator mounts to the bike so while the rider exercises, they now drive the generator to create clean energy. The entire Spinning studio can then be connected to the club’s electrical grid, so that fitness energy can be used to power all aspects of the facility.

  Control Panel mounts near the handle bars of either of all Spinner® bikes.

control panel

The Green Revolution Energy Generator gets mounted to all Spinner® bikes.


The Green Revolution now has installations across the US and in Canada, with plans to be installed at 200 locations by the end of 2010. The Revolution has started. To learn more about how you can join the Revolution, visit www.egreenrevolution.com.

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