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Meet Our Sponsors

Stop by Vendor Village at WSSC, where you can chat with our awesome event sponsors, including:

nuun has been at the leading edge of electrolyte hydration tabs for six years. nuun is a portable electrolyte replacement drink ... without the sugar. Just drop a nuun in your water bottle, store the tube in your pocket and you’re ready to go.

iTMP: iTMP brought you the iSPINNING app for the iPhone.

POM Wonderful: 100% pomegranate juice is the real Antioxidant Superpower™. Packed with potent health benefits, just 8 oz a day provides powerful antioxidants!

Athletix Products
: AXP provides cleaning, maintenance, and disinfectant products for patrons and staff at multiple facilities.

Star Trac®: 
Some equipment has made an impact in the fitness industry, but here's one that started a revolution. Spinner® bikes set the standard for indoor cycling equipment and are the most widely used bikes on the planet.  Stop by and check out the eSpinner®, a breakthrough new Spinning® bike manufactured by Star Trac that brings the experience out of the group cycling room and onto the cardio floor.

Garmin®: The best training product around.

Polar®: Polar has been leading the way in technological innovations and heart rate monitors since 1977.

SIDI® shoes: 
Celebrating 50 years of making the best cycling shoes in the world! When you pedal for a living, you need the durability, style, function, and comfort of handmade Italian cycling shoes.

LAKE shoes: Lake Cycling Shoes has been a leader in bicycle shoes since 1982, and has produced bike shoes with one goal in mind-to let the rider focus on the ride!

Celsius: Enjoy the great taste of burning calories! Healthy everyday refreshment, scientifically shown to burn 100 calories and more per serving by raising metabolism. Provides sustained energy.

CHEK Institute: The C.H.E.K Institute specializes in advanced education for health and fitness professionals, providing quality information, educational materials and functional training tools.  By combining the knowledge of orthopedics, exercise prescription, performance conditioning and alternative healthcare modalities the C.H.E.K Institute provides a holistic, integrative perspective that helps you attain all your wellness, health and fitness goals.

Shakti Mind Body Fitness: Come release, rejuvenate and renew your body and mind. Shakti has evolved from a yoga studio to a total mind body fitness centre, incorporating all elements of fitness through its schedule of over 50 weekly classes, spa therapies, nutritional counselling and fitness consultations. Our core classes include various styles of Indoor cycling, yoga and body sculpting, as well as a gammot of other specialty classes such as pole fitness, Zumba and many more. Personal training is an integral component of the Shakti lineup of services.

BikeFit: Got questions about your bike fit? We're the experts!

New Leaf: New Leaf is dedicated to providing quality systems and programs for real results, true health. Our goal is to assist individuals live a healthy lifestyle and reach their fitness goals through metabolic assessment and monitoring.

Power Plate: Find out what the buzz is all about and demo a Power Plate whole-body vibration system. Use the plate for massage after your ride or session! Get the lactic acid out of your quads and calves, back, shoulders and more.

Tanita: Tanita is the world leader in precision electronic scales. Today, Tanita is looking beyond scales to products that enable consumers to monitor their own health, such as body composition testing.

Zumba: The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away. Zumba fanatics achieve long-term benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exciting hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life!

B-Bands: Have you ever lost your balance when trying to lay out your hand towel across the handlebars? B-Bands wrap snuggly around the handlebars and stay put, allowing you to enjoy the ride! B-Bands are absorbent, protectively cover the handlebars and are machine washable! B-Bands come in a variety of different colors and styles.

Plus, WSSC staff members will be giving away cool products from our sponsors all weekend!

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