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New Technology

Make the most out of every Spinning
® class with innovative technology designed to improve your exercise routine.

DigifitNeed help achieving your fitness goals? Track and analyze your fitness and health information with iSpinner™ in the Digifit™ Ecosystem. Now available at spinning.com, Digifit™ Connect enables your iPhone® or iPod® touch to double as a fitness computer with heart rate monitoring for Spinning, outdoor c­­­ycling and running. The Digifit Ecosystem works with ANT+ interoperable digital wireless sensors such as the Spinning® Premium Soft Strap Transmitter by Garmin® and the Spinning® Cadence Sensor.

FitLab.com is a new Web-based fitness service. FitLab's Fitness Center is a smart, personal fitness system that really works you out and looks great. The technology takes into account your gender, age, weight, body type, BMI and selected workout length. Choose up to three goals including toning, strength training and energizing and relaxing with yoga. The system then combines your goals into one completely personalized workout. Max

FitLab and its trainer Max can deliver more than 1 million workout sessions 
and give you a fresh new session every time. Whether you love Spinning classes at the gym but just can't make it in some days or are looking for something to complement your rides, you'll find FitLab to be a great workout buddy and training system.

Spinning enthusiasts get a free 90-day membership ($45 value). Just add promo code MADDOGG at http://www.fitlab.com.



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