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My Spinning Orientation Experience

I have attended many certifications and workshops throughout my 15 years in the fitness industry, covering such disciplines as personal training, Pilates and yoga. I’ve also taken my share of indoor cycling classes and while I was certainly aware of the Spinning® program during this time, I had never explored the possibility of becoming a certified Spinning instructor. Recently, I attended a Spinning Instructor Orientation and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and applicable skills. My main objective was to learn more about the Spinning program and not necessarily to start teaching classes. Although, based on the training I received at Orientation, I am quite confident that I could.

For me, there are a number of key elements that make a workshop enjoyable and valuable. These include high-quality course content, a knowledgeable instructor capable of conveying the content well, and the opportunity for hands-on application of the content being covered. The Spinning Instructor Orientation I attended had all these elements. As part of my registering for Orientation, I was promptly sent a Spinning Instructor Manual to read in advance of the workshop, which helped me to feel prepared on the day of the event. I have been around a long time but I certainly haven’t heard it all . . . yet, anyway. So, I appreciated being given the opportunity to review the course content prior to my arrival on orientation day and I found the written material to have a professional appearance, to be well organized and to be very readable. After my initial read through, I felt like I had already learned a great deal as I walked into Orientation.

The Master Instructor who greeted me at the door that day was Bernie, a person I have known for quite some time. She has taught Spinning classes at many of the health clubs I’ve worked at so it was a pleasure for me to see her again. More importantly, I knew her to be a skilled and seasoned presenter and thus I continued to be impressed with the process. Throughout the Orientation, Bernie was inclusive in her presentation style, inquiring of the participants’ grasp of the information, and motivating in her application of the material (i.e., the hands-on application).

I found the two Spinning rides Bernie led to be tremendously useful. These two rides were directly related to the content we were learning, like the Spinning Energy Zones™, for instance. Having the opportunity to feel the proper fit on the bike and then experience each Energy Zone was extremely helpful, as was all the verbal cueing Bernie shared with us throughout the classes. There were actually few times I wanted to dismount my Spinner and write down the cues, and I probably would have if I had been less engrossed in my heart rate monitor. By the time we did all get off our Spinners®, we each had been exposed to a scaffold or template for which to build a Spinning class (i.e., Spinning Profiles), the core movements and hand positions used in the Spinning program, the proper pedal stroke, how to incorporate music into a class profile and so much more.

As far as educational events I’ve attended, the Spinning Instructor Orientation ranks among my favorites. It’s a lot of information packed into a one-day training, but the time was used wisely and it simply felt efficient, much like my pedal stroke towards the end of the Orientation. In fact, I was so inspired that I went and purchased my very own Spinner! Since my Orientation, I have been sampling the many Spinning profiles provided in my Instructor Manual and well, I have been having second thoughts about my becoming a Spinning instructor—I think I just might!

Tony Berlant

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