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Spinning® Welcomes Jen and Jay Jacobs from The Biggest Loser

This time last year, I was rapidly approaching 300lb, pre-diabetic and really just “existing” rather than living the happy, vibrant life I always hoped for myself. I felt my lifelong dream of becoming an instructor, a motivator and an inspiration to many slipping through my fingertips. Then, the most amazing thing happened. I auditioned for NBC’s The Biggest Loser two seasons in a row and didn’t make the cut, but on the third attempt, my dad and I were given the greatest gift of all—we were granted two coveted spots on the couples show for Season 11 out of 250,000 hopefuls. And the rest is history!

Fast forward to August 13, 2011, our Spinning® Instructor Orientation.

It’s 9:00am Saturday morning and I walked into our Orientation room thinking, “Is this for real? Is this really happening? Am I actually going to become a certified Spinning® instructor today?” All valid thoughts considering that little less than a year ago the quality of my life compared to this day was like night and day.

The Spinning® Instructor Orientation was not just educational, but humbling to say the least. I never realized all the things an instructor has to take into consideration throughout the course of a class. There’s a lot to think about as you’re teaching a class of people of all different ages, sizes and most importantly, fitness levels. It seemed almost impossible to manage at the beginning of the Orientation, but by the end of the workshop, it all was put into perspective. I owe that to the ever sweet and talented Spinning® Master Instructor, Maryjo Ruckel. She gave us context and insight into the materials presented, while adding her own personal inspiration and encouragement along the way. Let me tell you, she’s one hell of an MI and our final ride that day was probably one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of! All in all, the entire process made for a truly memorable experience.

I never thought something like completing my Spinning® certification would have such an impact on me. I felt such a sense of accomplishment after our final ride that I burst into tears during the cool down. Being someone who struggled with her weight for 28 years, I tried to lead an active lifestyle at nearly 300lb and wanted so badly to be able to complete a training or fitness certification at some point in my life. Now I can say that I’ve done it! After all, it only took being on NBC's #1 hit reality TV show and weighing in half naked in front of 15 million people to be in the kind of shape that I not only made it through the certification, but now look the part, too! So, yes, my experience was life-changing, and not only for me but also for my brother, Matthew and my father, Jay. I have every intention of continuing my education by attending future Instructor orientations and earning my STAR points.

A huge thanks to Mad Dogg and Maryjo Ruckel for helping make my dream come true!

Jennifer Jacobs, Contestant on NBC's The Biggest Loser, Season 11

Support Team Determination at the ING NYC Marathon on November 6: http://bit.ly/TeamBiggestLoser

  Jen Jacobs
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