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More is Better When It's Less

Great instructors can be your best bet for maintaining and expanding your customer base. Build on the successful aspects of your classes and facility to make it even better!

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Spinning Nation 2010

This year's Spinning Nation was a huge success. Learn more about the great achievements that many facilities and individual participants attained.

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Update your Facility Profile

Get access to the largest indoor cycling database in the world. Make sure to update your facility profile for our facility finder!

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Facility Profile: Power Your Facility with Spinning

Go Green Fitness

Go Green Fitness in Orange, Conn. is taking a green and healthy approach to powering its facility: pedal power from its unique Spinning program. At Go Green Fitness, 25 Spinner® bikes are retrofitted to create and gather energy while people are participating in Spinning classes. The "human-powered" energy feeds directly into the electric meter and what is not used gets put into the electric grid—clean, renewable, and carbon-free. Plus, the indoor air quality is enhanced with air exchanges and ventilation systems to create a healthy and comfortable environment. Owner Robert Kravitz opened Go Green Fitness in December 2009 in an attempt to directly link two things he has been passionate about his whole life: Health and wellness and a genuine love for the environment. 

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