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The Cutting-Edge Bodyblade Propels Forward

Bodyblade®—the patented, revolutionary workout system for fast, effective muscle strengthening, stabilization and toning—was invented by California physical therapist Bruce Hymanson. Bodyblade is a reactive, rapidly oscillating device that uses inertia to generate up to 270 muscle contractions per minute. This movement challenges the body and helps muscles maintain balance, coordination, speed and strength. Bodyblade is perfect for physical rehabilitation, sports training, functional wellness and everyday aerobic exercise. The user controls the intensity and acceleration of the movement, making Bodyblade an ideal training tool for each individual.

The Bodyblade Pilot Facility Program is now underway! Pilot facilities are hosting three separate one-day Bodyblade instructor workshops and the facility will add Bodyblade classes to its group-exercise schedule. The facilities will provide Mad Dogg Athletics with specific feedback on the instructor workshops and the ongoing classes on their schedule. In return, they've received complimentary registrations into each workshop.

We are now accepting requests to host Bodyblade instructor training workshops. If interested, e-mail facilities@maddogg.com for more information on how to sharpen your skills and bring this cutting-edge program to your facility. Here’s what’s available to facilities that host a workshop:

  • Special facility pricing on Bodyblade packages.
  • Complimentary workshop registrations.
  • Cash-back awards.

"This is an exciting opportunity to put your members first. You're building the body with a fun, compelling and exciting product," says Hymanson. "This one product can accommodate all members. The Bodyblade is versatile, unintimidating and user friendly." See the Bodyblade in action here.

"At my studio, clients are always curious about the Bodyblade," says new Bodyblade Master Instructor Sonia Rodriguez. "Once they use it, they can feel the immediate benefits and are hooked. The excitement over Bodyblade is palpable!"

Bodyblade will be at SCW Atlanta, IDEA, DCAC, SCW Dallas Mania, Boston Balance and other great fitness conferences where you can check out Bodyblade programming and products firsthand. Come visit Bodyblade at these upcoming shows and learn more about Bodyblade by visiting the website.


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