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New Spinner® Bikes - Coming Soon!

Spinning® started the group cycling revolution with its patented group cycle design and the competition has been trying to catch up ever since. Six years ago, the Spinner® NXT changed the group cycling category and now the next generation of Spinner bikes have arrived, taking the Spinning program to a new level in terms of style, authenticity, performance and quality. Spinning and Star Trac® are happy to introduce the innovative new Spinner Blade, Spinner NXT and Spinner NXT SR with improved bike fit and overall biomechanics.

One of the biggest new features on the upgraded Spinner bikes is that they deliver the best rider Q-factor in the industry. The Q-factor is the distance between your feet (crank to crank) when you are sitting on the bike pedaling. This has been reduced down to the outdoor cycling world’s specifications and standards and will give the rider much better alignment through the hips, knees, ankles and feet. This means more safety, comfort and power for a greater range of people.

Another big change is in the connection a rider will have to the handlebars. An adjustable fore/aft has been added to the stem of the bars to give the rider an even better custom fit. Additionally, the area between Hand Position 2 and Hand Position 3 is now at a five degree angle for added comfort. This is another huge step forward in terms of comfort, efficiency, power, and feel. The bottom line is these new Spinner bikes will feel even more like a real bike!

Other changes include a much higher quality chain and bottom bracket that will insure a smooth drive-train and much less maintenance over time. These, combined with an all-new stabilizing bar on the inside of the chain guard to stiffen the bike's frame, will provide a ride that is sharp, crisp and strong. The connection point of the pedals to the crank-arms have been upgraded and improved, which will provide a superior level of safety. Corrosion resistance has also been taken to a whole new level through much higher quality paint and innovative parts.

“From my point of view as a professional cyclist for many years, these are the best bikes to date,” says Spinning Master Instructor Josh Taylor. “They look absolutely amazing and ride even better! I am truly impressed and can't wait to see the Spinning program grow even more because of the bikes.”

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For more information on the new Spinner bikes, contact Spinning at 800.847.7746 or

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