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New Circuit Classes at IDEA

Q: Tell us about your Spinning®/Bodyblade® Circuit workshop.

A: The Spinning/Bodyblade Circuit workshop is a class where riders will explore the Spinning Energy Zones™ like never before. The class will consist of a creative blending of the Spinning Energy Zones on the bike and Bodyblade exercises off the bike. Spinning Energy Zone segments will be alternated with Bodyblade sets.

The first set is an Endurance Energy Zone™ segment, focusing on maintaining a heart rate between 65-75% of maximum heart rate. This is followed by the Bodyblade Power 10 foundation exercises, which will give attendees a good feel for the Bodyblade—how to drive it properly, and what muscles it is working.

The second set is a Strength Energy Zone™ segment, where we will stay within 75-85% of maximum heart rate. After that, it is time for Bodyblade Hardcore. We will concentrate heavily on the core musculature with modifications presented for all exercises. Think planks, bridges, variations of sit-ups; all focusing on stability, endurance, strength and mobility. 

The third set is a Race Day Energy Zone™ segment, working participants at their anaerobic threshold. We’ll end the workshop with Bodyblade Restore, which will be used to lower heart rates and relax the body with a blend of Pilates, yoga, Qigong and stretching.

Q: How did you come up with the programming for this workshop?

A: I’ve found that many of my students lack a strong core. Bodyblade is a perfect complement to Spinning because it makes your core smarter and stronger. From the very first vibration of the blade, the brain gets a signal to fire the muscles from the deepest dynamic stabilizers, which works the body from the inside out. This re-patterning of muscle firing teaches the body to sharpen up its core and develops great musclular endurance, flexibility, strength and definition. Just 1 minute of vibrations with the Bodyblade equals 270 muscle contractions. At our studio in Houston, I have been teaching a Spinning/ Bodyblade class for over a year now.  Participants greatly appreciate the core work at the end of class. Bodyblade exercises re-open and lengthen tight chests, shoulders, hips and thigh muscles following the ride. It's amazing to see the difference in their performance on the bike since I started these combination classes over a year ago.

Q: Why is Bodyblade cross training so beneficial to the Spinning program?

A: Bodyblade is an easy, inexpensive and sound tool to enhance riders’ core integrity. A solid core allows riders to hold themselves up for longer periods of time in and out of the saddle. There is also a connectedness of the core to the larger, more global muscles that call upon the core to power up hills or through a Sprint. A stronger, smarter core equates to a stronger, safer, more efficient ride.

Q: What will attendees learn from this workshop?

A: Attendees will experience three different Spinning Energy Zone profiles, as well as a comprehensive sampling of the many Bodyblade exercises that can be incorporated into Spinning classes, or any group ex class or personal training session. Science, safety, and proper technique on and off the bike while using a Bodyblade will be a priority. By the end of the session, attendees will understand each Spinning Energy Zone and how to incorporate the Bodyblade into their students’ training programs (as well as their own), safely and properly.

Q: Why does Bodyblade work so well in circuit training?

A: Bodyblade is portable, inexpensive, fun and effective. It fits easily into any size group or personal training sessions, as well as in Pilates Mat and Reformer/Chair classes. Another great thing about the Bodyblade is that students don’t have to think too much when they drive the blade. The Bodyblade works your muscles automatically, like a "magic switch."  The Bodyblade is a great tool for all fitness levels. Even the fittest students that have mastered the almighty plank, bridge and sit-up, get a rude awakening when they try the Bodyblade for the first time—an awakening that challenges and inspires them to become stronger and smarter from the inside out, and not only relying on their outward strength.

Q: Any other thoughts?

A: Along with the Spinning program and Bodyblade, I have had great success with the Resist-A-Ball® and the Peak Pilates MVe® Chair in circuit or bootcamp-style format workouts.
Renee Spriggs

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