Profile Builder

How to build a Spinning® Class Profile

Step 1: Name your profile. Give your profile a unique title, gathering inspiration from the terrain it covers, the music it includes or the objectives of the ride.

Step 2: Identify the Energy Zone™. The Spinning® program incorporates five Energy Zones with corresponding heart rate ranges:

Recovery (50–65% MHR) Endurance (65–75% MHR) Strength (75–85% MHR) Interval (65–92% MHR) Race Day (80–92% MHR)

Step 3: Fill in the ride length. Spinning classes typically last 40 minutes, but some training session may last longer.

Step 4: Describe your ride. Every class should have goals and objectives, and the Ride Description section is the perfect place to explain them.

Step 5: Fill in your name. You want to get credit for your creation!

Step 6: Create your profile. Use our Spinning Class Profile Builder to create your next class.




*You must have Microsoft Word to access the Profile Builder form.

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