Charleston Ride

Our purpose is to offer the Spinning® program in an environment that reflects how we all live our lives in efforts to better the world, one RIDE™ at a time.

At RIDE™ you’ll get the authentic Spinning® experience. Whether you are a new rider, veteran, roadie, triathlete, or just want a great way to workout and train, we believe the Spinning® philosophy is for you. See, we take a blend of science, spirit, strength and stamina, then mix it all up with killer music, the best bikes in the world, and a mind-blowing AV system. Top it off with a massive dose of passion, laughter, community, and belief in the human spirit, and therein lies the formula for life-transformation. Train the body, inspire the heart, and energize the mind. We believe this is the balance for a life of goodness and health. So join us! We want you to gear up, get on, and go!


Instructor certifications

Alice Keeney

Phone number: 843-412-3748


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10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Spinning® Instructor Training Spinning

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