Spin Membership Discounts

SPIN® Members save hundreds of dollars on education, equipment, clothing and more!
We want to support you with all your fitness and education needs! Check out our list of SPIN® Membership program discounts:

15% off:

  • Home studies and online course, including recertification packages.
  • Spinning® continuing education workshops.
  • WSSC Conference registration—you save over $60!
  • Peak Pilates® Certifications and continuing education workshops.
  • Resist-A-Ball® trainings and continuing education workshops.
  • Bodyblade® trainings and continuing education workshops.
  • KettleBell Concepts™ instructor trainings.
  • CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ Instructor Training.
  • Ugi® Essentials Instructor Training and continuing education workshops.


Apparel and Accessories
20% off:

  • Apparel, accessories, DVDs and music.
  • Cycling shoes.
  • Polar® and Garmin® fitness computers and watches.
  • Accelerade® and Endurox® R4® supplements.

10% off:

  • AV Now™ products.


20% off:

  • Bodyblade.
  • All SPIN Fitness® functional training equipment.
  • Resist-A-Ball stability balls.
  • CrossCore 180®.

15% off:

  • All Spinner® bikes (limit 2).
  • Peak Pilates equipment, including reformers and chairs.


Affiliate Program
As a SPIN® member, you will get even more discounts and special offers on products you'll love from our affiliate brands.

Mix Meister Music Software: We understand how important music can be to the success of your Spinning classes. Now you can save 15% on Mix Meister software tools for playing and producing music mixes. Use code MDMM92013 at checkout. Limited time offer.

Philadelphia Insurance: This nationally acclaimed insurance company is proud to offer Fitness & Wellness Insurance for Personal Trainers, specifically designed to meet the unique insurance needs of Group Spinning Instructors, Pilates Instructors, and many more categories of fitness instruction. Certified instructors receive additional discounts on insurance! Learn more.

Take your training from Spinning® classes to the outdoors with Trek Travel. Instructors can save 10-20% off any trip, receive $300 referral credit for every person who pays for a full-price trip, and have the chance to go for free when you refer 12 or more on the same trip! Learn more.

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