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Spinning® Experience 2014 - EVOLUTION

This is Spinning® — the original, authentic, exhilarating experience and lifestyle. And we’re honored and inspired to be part of your stories.

In 1991, cyclist and entrepreneur John Baudhuin and South African ultra-distance cyclist Johnny “Johnny G” Goldberg introduced the world to indoor cycling. Working out of a Santa Monica, California garage, they created Spinning® by uniting innovation in indoor stationary bike technology with an unprecedented cycling experience.

We now celebrate our global Spinning® community that speaks more than 25 languages, lives in more than 80 countries and rides in tens of thousands of official Spinning® facilities with thousands of Certified Spinning® Instructors.

At this year’s Spinning® Experience you’ll experience a challenging, exhilarating and fun event. We’ll take you through the history of Spinning®; from our humble beginnings to a vibrant , deeply passionate global community …. Our EVOLUTION!

“We started it all. And we’re just getting started”

Saturday October 25, 2014: Conference Program (9am-6pm)
For the first time you will have the option to choose from 3 different programs:

  • • Spinning® Experience Workshops (8 SPIN® CECs)
  • • SPINPower® Instructor Training (14 SPIN® CECs)
  • • Bodyblade® Instructor Training (2 SPIN® CECs)

Click on one of the buttons at the top to get more info on the different Conference Programs we offer you this year. Please choose one of the programs before you proceed to the checkout.
N.B. For the Spinning® Experience Workshops you will have two options (workshop or lecture) per time slot. Make sure that in total you have selected 4 sessions out of 8.
N.B. Please note that for the SPINPower® Instructor training we have 24 spots available. For the Bodyblade® Instructor Training we have 20 spots available.

Saturday Conference Program pricing:

Spinning® Experience Workshops

September, October 2014

Regular: € 240,- p/I
SPIN-member: € 204,- p/I

SPINPower® Instructor Training

September, October 2014

Regular: € 295,- p/I
SPIN-member: € 250,75 p/I

Bodyblade® Instructor Training

September, October 2014

Regular: € 265,- p/I
SPIN-member: € 225,25 p/I

The pricing includes:

  • • Lunch
  • • Hand-outs / Manual
  • • Certificate
  • • SPIN® CECs
  • • Bodyblade® (when Bodyblade® Instructor Training has been chosen)

Sunday October 26, 2014: SPIN®-A-Thon (12am-6pm)
The SPIN®-A-Thon will be the same as last year’s edition. We have invited 4 Spinning® Master Instructors who will present a 80 minutes ride for you. The program and line up of the Sunday SPIN®-A-Thon will be:

12.00 – 13.20: Gaby Hoogeveen - Endurance // Aerobic Interval
13.30 – 14.50: Pedro Plaza - Interval
15.00 – 16.20: Anthony Musemici - Strength
16.30 – 18.00: Peter Pastijn - Race Day

Sunday Spinning® marathon pricing:

Three Day Early Bird Price

  • • Solo (1 participant, 1 bike): € 70
  • • Duo (2 participants, 1 bike): € 110

Normal Price

  • • Solo (1 participant, 1 bike): € 80
  • • Duo (2 participants, 1 bike): € 120

NOTE: A 10% discount applies for group registrations of 10 persons or more.


The pricing includes:

  • • Snacks / sport drink during the marathon
  • • Top Spinning presenters
  • • ...and Fantastic entertainment

N.B. Make sure to read the instructions you’ll see at the registration page before you register for Spinning® Experience 2014.

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