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  • October 2011 - Introducing the New Spinner® Bikes
    Spinning® started the indoor cycling revolution more than 20 years ago with its patented group cycling equipment and education. The Spinner® NXT changed the group cycle category and now, the next generation of Spinner bikes continue to raise the bar, keeping the Spinning program as the leader of the indoor cycling industry. Read on to learn more about the revolutionary new Spinner Blade and enhanced Spinner NXT.

  • July 2011 - A Hot New Circuit Class For Your Summer Schedule
    Spice up your group ex schedule with a Spinning® and Bodyblade® fusion class. Try it out and learn more about this space- and budget-friendly combination at this summer’s fitness conferences: IDEA World Fitness Convention™, DCAC International Fitness Conference and Boston Balance. Read on to learn how Master Instructor Renee Spriggs has created a circuit class that creatively blends the Spinning Energy Zones™ with the core-strengthening, vibration training of Bodyblade.

  • April 2011 - Get Ahead of the Competition as an Official Spinning® Facility
    Do you know all the fantastic benefits you automatically receive as an Official Spinning Facility? This section will highlight some of the key benefits each quarter. Read on to learn about how to post open jobs and photos on Spinning.com and receive great marketing assistance to help show off your facility!

  • January 2011 - Official Spinning Facility Benefits
    Do you know all the fantastic benefits you automatically receive as an Official Spinning Facility? This new section will highlight some of the key benefits each quarter. Read on to learn about the newest awards you're eligible to earn as a host site for education plus tips on how to pull in new members for the New Year!

  • October 2010 - Why Spinning®?
    We hear this statement every day. Not only does it assume that we’ll never forget how to ride a bike, it assumes we all knew how to ride a bike in the first place. As Spinning® instructors or facility owners, we all know this not to be true. For many adults, riding a bike in a Spinning class is not a natural instinct. For the untrained athlete, keeping alignment with the knees, standing out of the saddle, or just making it through a 40-minute class can be huge accomplishments. For the trained athlete, there is no end to improvements that can be made in stroke efficiency and fitness.

  • July 2010 - Switch Up Your Schedule
    Rotating your instructors through different time slots can be a great way to retain members, maintain professionalism and show your members the diverse talent you employ. Read on for the benefits of this scheduling method.

  • April 2010 - More is Better When It's Less
    Great instructors can be your best bet for maintaining and expanding your customer base. Build on the successful aspects of your classes and facility to make it even better!

  • January 2010 - The Mentor that Changed My Life
    About three years ago, Johanna ten Hulscher found herself at the depths of a severe depression. Because they say that exercise can ease the symptoms, she decided to join new gym and eventually found the strength to become a certified Spinning instructor.

  • October 2009 - Making a "Giving": Teaching Spinning Classes to Deaf Cambodian Women
    When STAR 3 instructor Cori Parks opened the first (and only) Official Spinning Center in Cambodia, she did it not only to make a living, but to also make a “giving.” Read more about her decision to teach classes for young, deaf Cambodian women.

  • July 2009 - Four Ways to Earn More Revenue with the Spinning Program
    Fitness is a business and offering the Spinning program makes money. A bold statement, but true! Are you taking advantage of all the possibilities Spinning has to offer? Try these suggestions and see your numbers soar.

  • April 2009 - Dispelling the "Killer" Spinning® Myth
    You know the scenario. You tell your friends, family and members that your facility offers Spinning classes only to hear the immediate response, “Wow, I hear those classes are brutal." They tell you a few horror stories about screaming instructors and participants throwing up, and you immediately launch into damage-control mode, giving your “Spinning classes are great” speech. Sound familiar?

  • January 2009 - Introducing SPIN Fitness® Quarterly
    We are proud to introduce the launch of SPIN Fitness Quarterly, a new e-newsletter from SPIN Fitness. Whether you work at a small club or a large chain, SPIN Fitness Quarterly will arm you with news, facts, tips and tools you need to fuel your club's success and maximize your students' results.

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