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The Spinning® program trains instructors to be coaches, motivators and fitness experts. Our Spinning instructor newsletters deliver a mix of professional tips, product information, events listings, inspirational stories, and much more. Spinning Instructor News is your chance to share your teaching tips and stories to the Spinning network of instructors. Contact us today to share your inspiration as a newsletter contributor.

To submit an article idea for our Spinning Instructor newsletters, e-mail us at and provide the following information:

1) A 150-word topic blurb, briefly describing your article idea. This will also serve as your writing sample.

2) A short bio (around five sentences) that outlines your qualifications. Please review the chart below to see which general article topics you may be qualified to cover. If you are qualified to write about another topic not on the list below, send your ideas our way!

Your article should be 800–1,000 words long and you will be compensated upon publication.

Article Topic Credentials Preferred
Personal Story Currently certified Spinning instructor or licensed facility owner/director
Cross Training, Fitness Goals, Personal training Currently certified Spinning instructor who is also a currently certified personal trainer through ACSM, NASM, NSCA, ACE
Industry trends Degree in business administration or MBA
Fitness Events Currently certified Spinning instructor or group ex instructor, personal trainer, or licensed facility owner/director
Exercise Health/Science, Anatomy/Kinesiology Physical therapist; M.S. or Ph.D. in kinesiology or exercise science related fields; MD (nurse not included)
Bike setup Spinning MI
Injury prevention Physical therapist; certified athletic trainer (NATA); MD
Warm-up, Class Design, Music Ideas, etc. Currently certified Spinning instructor
Pedal stroke, form, etc. Spinning MI or professional cyclists/coaches
Market your class/facility Degree in business administration or MBA; successful licensed facility owner/director
Mental/Psychological aspects of exercise/fitness Ph.D., Psy.D., Ed.D. or MD with experience in fitness; professional cyclists for mental toughness or personal experience stories
Diet/Food Registered Dietician for recommendations
Teaching techniques Spinning MI
Mind/Body Yoga or Pilates instructors; meditation leaders; spa directors

We look forward to hearing from you!

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