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Accel Gel®: All Natural Rapid Energy Gel

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Accel Gel®: All Natural Rapid Energy Gel

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All Natural Accel Gel is the top performing energy gel that increases endurance and reduces muscle damage. It is the only gel on the market that contains the patented 4:1 carb to protein formula proven to provide more energy, faster. 24 pack box.


About All Natural Accel Gel
The Top Performing Energy Gel Just Got Better! Designed and scientifically-proven to deliver rapid energy to muscles. How? Patented 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein.  Accel Gel gives you more bang 13% more vs. leading carbohydrate only gel, and 50% better muscle recovery so you can get back to your next adventure.   

The superiority of Accel Gel over GU, the leading energy gel, was shown in a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. James Madison University researchers found that Accel Gel offers significant advantages in improving endurance and significantly reducing post-exercise muscle damage.

Available in Chocolate w/caffeine (20mg), Strawberry Kiwi, and Vanilla flavors.



The Science Behind Accel Gel
The superiority of Accel Gel over GU, the leading energy gel, was shown in a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. James Madison University researchers found that Accel Gel offers significant advantages in improving endurance and significantly reducing post-exercise muscle damage.

The proven benefits of Accel Gel have been demonstrated in other activities including swimming, downhill skiing and mountain climbing. In a study conducted with collegiate swimmers researchers found that during repetitive sprints Accel Gel maintained and even increased swimming velocity.

In a study with competitive skiers, researchers found that Accel Gel increased training volume and lowered ratings of perceived exertion (RPE).

In the first study every conducted with climbers, researchers found that, compared to a conventional carbohydrate sports drink, Accel Gel reduced muscle damage by 57%. These three studies involving very different exercise activities demonstrate that Accel Gel, with its unique formula, plays an important role in maintaining or increasing exercise performance by extending endurance and reducing muscle damage.

1. Effects of a Carbohydrate-Protein Gel on Endurance and Post Exercise CPK in Male/Female Cyclists, Saunders MJ, Herrick JE, Luden ND. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research J Strength Cond Res, 2007 Aug; 21(3):678-84.

This study demonstrated that "Supplementation of a (carb-protein gel [AccelGel®]) provided significant improvements in cycling time to exhaustion compared to a (carb-only gel [GU Energy Gel®])." It also demonstrated that "post-exercise CPK (a biomarker of muscle damage) was not significantly elevated following the carb-protein gel trial, while it was significantly elevated following the carb-only gel trial." Thirteen recreationally competitive male (8) and female (5) cyclists completed a stationary bike ride to exhaustion while consuming either the carb-only gel with water or the carb-protein gel with water in double-blinded fashion. After each ride blood samples were taken and analyzed for CPK. Subjects performed 13% longer in the carb-protein gel trial than in the carb-only gel trial. CPK levels were significantly elevated after the carb-only gel trial, but not after the carb-protein gel trial. Responses between treatments were similar for both males and females.

2. Carbohydrate and Protein Gel Increases Finishing Success During Slalom Ski Race Training, Kipp R, Seifert JG, Bacharach D. European College of Sports Medicine, Belgrade, Serbia-Montenegro. Kikic, Zivanic, Ostojic, Tornjanski, eds. PP9-3, p 218, 2005.

This study involving slalom ski racers demonstrated that "consuming a (carb-protein gel [Accel Gel®]) and water increased training run finish success, increased the number of gates trained per session, and resulted in a lower rating of perceived exertion over a group that drank only water." Thirty ski racers, 14 to 19 years old, were matched by gender, age, and slalom points. During a 2-hour slalom training session, one of the pair ingested a carb-protein energy gel with about 150 mL of water, while the matched skier ingested 150 mL of flavored water after each training run. Skiers using Accel Gel and water missed only 13% of their gates, while skiers using just water missed 34% of their gates. Ratings of perceived exertion were 19% lower on average in the gel group.

3. Effects of a Carbohydrate/Protein Gel on Exercise Performance in Male and Female Cyclists, Saunders MJ, Herrick JE, Luden ND, et al. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 2(1):1-30, 2005.

This study showed that "[Carb-protein] gels provide significant performance advantages over [carb-only] gels, as similarly demonstrated in studies using [carb-protein] beverages." Thirteen recreationally competitive cyclists completed two timed trials to exhaustion on stationary bikes. At 15-minute intervals throughout these rides, subjects received either a carb-only gel (Gu Energy Gel®) or a carb-protein gel (Accel Gel™), which were matched for carbohydrate content. Subjects rode 13% longer when using the carb-protein gel.

4. Training Impulse is Lower for Alpine Skiers When Consumig a Carbohydrate-Protein Gel, Harmon JH, Burckhard JR, Seifert JG, Bacharach DW. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 38(5):S408, 2006.

This study found that "Using Accel Gels in conjunction with a hydration pack can reduce training impulse of alpine skiers." Fifteen alpine ski racers/coaches completed a study to address training effort when daily water consumption was controlled (1.5 L/session) using a CamelBak. Over a four-day period, on two consecutive days, subjects received carb-protein energy gels (Accel Gel™) throughout a 4-5-hour training session. On the other two days they received only water. Perceived effort was significantly lower on the days when skiers received Accel Gels, although they skied the same vertical distance during both trials. Training impulse equals perceived efforts x vertical distance skied. Therefore training impulse was lower in the Accel Gel trial.

5. A Carbohydrate/Protein Energy Gel Improves Performance in Collegiate Swimmers, Seifert JG, McKenzie R. Presented at the 54th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine.

This study showed that "A carbohydrate/protein energy gel improves swimming performance in collegiate swimmers." Twelve swimmers completed a workout consisting of a 15-minute warm-up, followed by a timed 200-yard freestyle, 3 sets of 8 x 100-yard freestyle (24 sprints total), and then a timed 200-yard swim. They received either a carb-protein energy gel (Accel Ge™l) or flavored water after the first 200-yard swim and again after each set of 100-yard sprints. They received 4 oz. of water with each gel. Each swimmer did the workout twice (on separate days): once with gels and once without. The swimmers' times slowed down significantly more over the course of the workout when they received only water than when they received the gels. Every timed 100-yard sprint from the 4th interval to the 24th interval was significantly faster for the carb-protein gel compared to the water. Swimmers maintained their times through 21 intervals while ingesting the carb-protein gel; only the 24th interval was slower than baseline. While ingesting water, however, swimmers slowed significantly by the 4th sprint in the first set and they continued slowing through the 24 intervals. On average, their time for the final 100-yard sprint was two seconds faster in the carb-protein gel-fueled workout than in the other workout. Blood samples were taken from the swimmers and analyzed for the concentration of creatine kinase (CK), a marker of muscle damage, before training and 24 hours after training, to determine how much muscle damage occurred during the workout. Swimmers experienced 25% less muscle damage during the Accel Gel workout.

6. The Effect of Energy Supplementation on Markers of Muscle Stress During Indoor Rock Climbing: Conder, Brian; Davila, Edward; Croxford, Kristen; Seifert, John, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

This study examined the effect of nutrition supplementation on markers of muscle stress in individuals during indoor rock climbing. Eight experienced climbers performed three bouts of climbing with a week between each bout. During exercise, subjects consumed a carbohydrate drink, a carbohydrate protein gel or a placebo. Blood samples were collected and CK (a marker of muscle damage) was measured 24 hours after each climbing bout. The study showed that the carbohydrate protein gel was significantly more effective in reducing muscle stress compared to a carbohydrate beverage or a placebo.

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Commercial spec heavy duty bottom bracket
Oversized commercial spec cast steel crankset
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Co-molded rubber adjustment knobs
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